10 Things You Should do to Market Your Business Online

Online advertising is slowly taking over more traditional forms of marketing. In the event you currently have little or no online presence, you will want to jump on the online train so you do not get left behind. Here Travis Beauchesne has shared some easy steps you can take to boost your exposure and ultimately draw in more customers.

Figure Out Your Goals

Establishing a marketing plan can be difficult to do without knowing what it is you want to achieve. Your goals could be to increase sales, develop a larger customer database or enhance your social media following and all of those are great goals. However, the more specific you can be with each of them the better off your plan will be.

Build Your Brand

Effective marketing is reliant on knowing what sets your business apart from the competition. Every message you send out through your website, email announcements and social media channels need to be on-brand. Highlight the aspects of your business that are unique.

Utilize Social Media

At the very least you will want to have a Facebook or Twitter account. Use these accounts every day if possible and be sure to your followers and customers. If you do not have time to do it yourself, hire someone to do it for you.

Develop an Email Campaign

Directly emailing people is a great way to stay in your customers’ minds. When people visit your storefront, encourage them to sign up for your mailing list, so they stay in the loop.

Implement SEO Practices

As Per Travis Beauchesne, Search engine optimization is the practice of using valuable keywords in your company’s online content so that it appears higher up in search engine rankings. Any business with a website can use Google Analytics to determine what local keywords to include. Proper SEO also entails using keywords in URL links and adding Meta descriptions and title tags on web pages.

Create Shareable Content

It is not enough for a business to simply create web pages. You want to be certain the content you are publishing is something people will want to share while still being relevant to your business. Your audience will be more likely to engage in the content and share it on their social media pages.

Use Special Techniques for Promotions

If your business is offering a temporary promotion, then you need to get the word out fast. Pay per click campaigns is useful in this endeavor because they can be fully customized to meet your needs. You can use geo-targeting so that only potential customers in your city see the ads. With these campaigns, it is more beneficial to focus on enticing visuals rather than a lot of text.

Establish Text Campaigns

This is similar to an email campaign in that you have customers give you their mobile phone numbers when they sing up for your newsletter or other name capture element to your website. This way, when you have a special promotion, you can text individuals so they get a notification immediately.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

More people are researching businesses on smartphones than traditional computers. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure your website can be easily viewed, and items ordered, on mobile devices. If it is impossible for someone to look up information about your business on a phone, then he or she will go elsewhere.

Promote Any News

Customers like feeling as if they are part of the family. If something big happens around your business, feel free to talk about it on social media. This can include hiring a new person or talking about any new inventory that came in.

You can get started on any of these tips today with an eye toward the future. Social media and SEO are not going away so start building your online presence with Travis Beauchesne right now.

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