Something new from the 70’s

Last Sunday I got a chance to experiences something new, from a band that has been around since 70’s. The Upper Room (R.O.C.K. Church) in Mission Viejo hosted the music pioneers of Christian Rock LoveSong.

LoveSong Live

LoveSong was amazing!!!…they are truly like a good vintage wine. There is something to be said about seasoned singer/songwriters getting up on stage and singing there truth. It was so refreshing and impressive to see “the real McCoy” as my dad use to say. LoveSong writes beautifully curated and intimately lyrical songs delivered with sensitivity and care. They are quintessential professionals.

Songs like “Welcome Back” got a unanimous response of joy from long time fans and friends…I could tell that these songs took them back to a time of youthful fondness. There was a power and magic that I witness last night when Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes and Jay Truax took the stage.

The Music and Sound

Lovesong performed a rang of styles last night. They seamlessly brought us through a classic rock sonic textures of the 60’s and 70’s sprinkled in with a timeless touch of Jazz. Songs like “Little Country Church” explores the vintage country rock iconic sound that works and is tangible. LoveSong carries a rich history and authentic juice of roots rock music. L.S. got funky as well I found my self on the edge of my seat and moving to the music. They sang, they played, and busted out four part harmony was a true joy to experience these veteran’s of music do what they have done for almost 50 years.

LoveSong brings an undeniable authenticity. No prerecorded tracks it’s all live, every note is being sung and played in real time. They are real singers, real musician, real songwriters. A breath of fresh air.

The truth about playing live is it’s hard. And to do it well is even more difficult. It takes work, patients, discipline, and talent.

LoveSong has been around for a long time are still willing to get up share there music with humility and skill. And for that I commend them.

The Message

What I find so fascinating is in a world of “extreme everything”. The band is wonderfully present.

It seems that today with the help of social media our current mode is to spend enormous amounts of time viscerally expressing our beliefs and ideals. While simultaneously being tone deaf to any views out side of our tribe.

The band has found a way to convey there tender message of love that is so timely and timeless. The message is gentle but strong. They came together in the 70’s and now after all these years of living life, the message of love transcends genres and goes straight to the heart. Here’s to LoveSong.

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