Hazy Dawn

Stockholm (Sweden).

I’ve spent around a week hanging out in Stockholm, mostly exploring the city using my feet to travel around!

Determinate to see as much as I could till the last minute which almost cost me to miss my flight as I got lost in the wood near by the airport!

The last day of a well spent week, I decided to get up before the sun rises and walk to the far eastern point of the islands forming the city.

The last point before the land hits the northern waters, a perfect spot to watch and capture the sun rising over the sea.

So the idea was to spend the morning in the park, on this island, shooting the beginning of this last day and later on enjoy it at its best.

I woke up around 5am, being very quiet not to wake up anyone asleep in the shared room. I Grabbed my bag and got out of the hotel.

Out on the street, to my biggest surprise, I couldn’t see much because of a thick fog hanging up in the air, making it impossible to see anything further than 30 meters!

Moving forward, following the map, I thought this was a natural phenomenon and was hoping it would go away with the rising as the air was getting warmer.

Walking my way while having breakfast on the go:

Waza and tap water! Wazas are Biscuits made of cereals, very healthy but hardly enjoyable!

It’s like having a happy meal for horses!

Very dry and neutral, no salt, no sugar, no fruits, only oat… Very consistent! probably one of the top world ranked worst breakfast.

Not to mention I’ve refused to join some guys from the hotel, who offered to go out for a few beers yesterday evening.

I started questioning the goodness of my organisation and the potential success of my plan!

2 hours later, I finally reached my destination and the fog was still up!

So thick you could slice it using a knife!

I stopped at the very point of the island and watched the show… A small white dot rising in a bright clear hazy grey, rendering a strange light revealing a mix of saturated and desaturated colours! As if only the trees were coloured. No yellow tones or anything that would look like a sunrise!

And so, there I was with 300mm, forgetting about the rising sun, targeting this white swan flying through the clear grey fog, shooting him only to come back with the memory of the this fantastic morning.