TRAXIA will issue TM2 on the Binance Chain

Jun 12 · 3 min read

Dear Traxia and Binance Community,

We are proud to announce that Traxia (TM2) will be launching on Binance Chain. This is a token generation event for TM2. The token launch will be happening soon and we intend to apply for listing on Binance DEX.

We will be sharing more updates about the token launch here. Stay tuned.

Supported by Cardano and moving to the Binance Chain?

As most of you know, Traxia and its ecosystem was the first investment Cardano made through its investment arm EMURGO ( To be clear, we still believe that the blockchain developed by the team of IOHK will be one of the leading blockchains at one point in time. Like Tether (USDT) being issued on multiple blockchains (Omni, Ethereum, EOS), we believe in interoperability between chains and see great opportunity in such an agnostic approach. As you probably know Binance Chain and Binance DEX were launched back in April 2019, at the time most people had concerns about performance, UX, timing, etc. which should impact its adoption. To be fair, We never thought anything of it until catching up in May with the Binance Chain team shortly after the launch announcement. They walked us through the product and we immediately realized it had legs to go forward.

The market speaks for itself

Being the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume has its advantages and the Binance DEX immediately rose to the highest volume decentralized exchange shortly after its initial announcement. With TM2 we hope to tap into this liquidity.

What a shock and pleasant surprise — a DEX that can be used even by non-crypto users. 1. Creation of new wallet (couple of minutes) 2. Send BNB to and buy one of the listed Tokens there.

The Binance DEX has a similar user-friendly visual and ease of use to .

We all know how much of a delay IT projects can have from our own experience delivering and building or being the client. The Binance team has done an amazing job and only after eight months after the first demo, they launched Binance Chain and Binance DEX on Mainnet in the Spring of 2019.

From experience, our developers know how to launch a token on Ethereum and use Solidity to code the necessary smart contracts. On Binance Chain the issuance seems more straightforward and it has excellent documentation. The user-friendly Binance Chain seems to be an ideal fit for the TM2 Token as a utility token to settle fees on our improved debt exchange, similar to the use of BNB on

“With TM2 we intend to push ourselves and our ecosystem to the next level in line with the efforts and the constant push of the Binance team from a centralized to a decentralized exchange”.

— Tobias Pfuetze, Chairman Traxia Foundation

Cutting out the middleman in trade finance and allow companies to obtain financing easily, cheaper and in a more transparent way, 24/7.

At Traxia we are and will always strive to be part of a movement that supports access to finance for SMEs globally. An exchange can potentially provide the cash liquidity necessary to turn that goal into reality.

We imagine the owners of small and medium enterprises to issue their own debt securities and access liquid markets to finance their operations without the need for lengthy processes and unnecessary intermediaries. Compliance with KYC/AML regulations can nevertheless be met and so can prospectus requirements by streamlining processes and workflows. This is a multitrillion-dollar market and we are excited that Binance is paving the way in terms of the leading Exchange for digital assets and are very confident soon the leader for a decentralized exchange. We can’t wait to be part of that movement and launch TM2 on the Binance Chain!

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