Headin’ back to Haiti

Hey everyone! As you might have already heard, Mom and Dad are traveling to Haiti over spring break and spending five days there! On one of the days they’ll be volunteering at Mission of Grace (MOG). This orphanage holds a special place in our heart because Mom and I also visited on our summer trip, which you might remember from our past blog posts. It’s a really nice orphanage… and it’s not just an orphanage, it also has a church, school, elders’ home, and more! Mom and Dad wanted to be able to bless the MOG ministry by bringing items that they need. If you’d like to contribute and donate anything they could bring on their trip, that would be fantastic and we’d appreciate it so much! They’ll be leaving on Tuesday, March 29. As for what MOG needs, a list of the greatest needs are posted below.

● Infant formula (Costco brand is great)

● Over the counter pain medication (Tylenol/Ibuprofen, children and adult)

● Vitamin C tablets (children and adult)

● 1 1/2" wood screw

● 3" wood screws

● Duct tape

● Sharpie markers

Alternatively, they could use some construction related items as well (seen above).

Thank you so much for supporting us, and stay tuned on updates about Mom and Dad’s trip! They’ll also be visiting the two kids we sponsor, Woodmya and Josselet. I’m sure we’ll be posting a lot about it! Be praying for safe travels! :D

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