​​Introducing $MAGIC: The Native Token of the Legions Game

3 min readSep 6, 2021


This week, Treasure is launching its first native DeFi project: the $MAGIC farm. Users will be able to deposit Loot cards, $AGLD, n project tokens, and treasures to earn $MAGIC.

With $MAGIC, Treasure will be expanding beyond Loot to become a cross-game currency for the entire NFT market.

Treasures are decentralized, composable currencies for the NFT ecosystem. Each treasure card is a list of eight monies (out of 49 possible monies). It is up to the community to figure out the purpose of these currencies and their relative value.

The $MAGIC token will be the in-game token for the first profile picture (PFP) MMORPG. We call this game Legions.

Game Play

Legions will be a game between PFPs. Players team up based on their avatar (e.g. CyberKongz, Cool Cats, Bored Apes) and go to battle. There are different maps for the game. One team is defending the treasure at the center of the map. The other team is attacking. The game will also allow multiple PFP communities to act as teams.

The winning team keeps the treasure. Treasures are added to the center of the map by users betting on the outcome. Those who place a winning bet keep the spoils, minus a cut that is distributed back to the $MAGIC holders. This distribution will either be in the form of treasures or a buy-and-burn of $MAGIC tokens to increase its value.

The outcome of the game will be determined by player stats and some random number generation. Each PFP has a different skill set.

Legions cards feature small armies. These cards act as extensions for your PFPs. They augment traits in your PFP and increase your fighting ability. We will also be adding future in-game elements, like weaponry and vehicles.

Legions will go on sale after $MAGIC farming is concluded. Treasure holders will be able to claim their legions for free. The other cards will be reserved for a public sale to raise funds for game development. The Treasure team will also hold a small reserve of the total cards to help support game growth.

Exact distribution will be announced prior to sale.


Legions will be a game-changing innovation for NFTs. Until now, NFTs have had no utility except as profile pictures. Legions will turn PFPs into a fun, immersive game experience.

The $MAGIC token, along with treasures, will act as the glue holding the NFT ecosystem together.

Treasure began as a Loot derivative. Now, the goal of project extends far beyond Loot. Legions will turn regular NFTs into assets with real utility and entertainment value. We aim to make treasures into the universal currencies of blockchain gaming.

We look forward to working with the community to expand the use cases for the treasure and $MAGIC tokens and, when possible, fund projects that utilize these assets.

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