Introducing Treasure’s Rebrand

In just eight short months, Treasure has achieved milestones that we never could have imagined when we first launched. We’ve become the dominant NFT platform on Arbitrum, created an ever-expanding ecosystem of games and builders, and launched new brands sparking cultural movements.

As we looked towards our next stage of growth, we needed to take a step back to set the foundation for Treasure. Today, we are beyond excited to unveil our work in rebranding Treasure as we forge our path forward to build the decentralized game console.

Our journey from humble beginnings

Treasure began as a Loot derivative on Ethereum Layer 1. In an experiment to prove out a thesis of social coordination enabled through the fair launch distribution of our native token MAGIC and NFTs, we were able to galvanize a strong, expansive community to become the dominant NFT platform on Arbitrum.

Today, we proudly stand as an ecosystem of decentralized NFT economies and games, all powered by MAGIC and brought together by common infrastructure. We have captured the hearts and minds of players and builders across our vast ecosystem, boasting over 100k community members across brands with 9 games launched and counting. Through our marketplace, we have achieved over US$285M (fn 1) in trading volume (101M MAGIC) since launching seven months ago. Today, Treasure still accounts for over 95% of all NFT-related transactions on Arbitrum.

Setting the stage for the future

With our eyes set on building for the years to come, we needed to take a deep look into the very essence of Treasure to lay the groundwork to propel us forward into our next chapter — both strategically and visually.

Strategy: Our thesis has remained the same since the beginning. Treasure aims to connect and empower builders, games and communities through the potential of web3. We look to reshape the next generation of gaming by decentralizing the process of game building and disrupting the traditional publishing model which has been built on ‘walled gardens’, end-to-end ownership and control of development, distribution, and management of game assets and IP. The current model constrains true community ownership and grassroot building, two factors we believe will be imperative to the future of world-building, product development and governance. Treasure aspires to pioneer this movement and seize the opportunity of creating an ecosystem of games sharing a composable economy with a common token and infrastructure bridging together the worlds and communities utilizing them.

Identity: The Treasure of the past was dark, gothic, and mysterious. It was an ode to our ‘grungy’ grass roots, and originally designed to be deeply connected to Bridgeworld, our flagship product which was intended to take a different form early on before settling into its important role as gamified infrastructure and an anchor of the Treasure ‘economic layer’. Over time, we shifted focus towards building out the ‘game console stack’ and the underlying infrastructure, while empowering the community to build new cartridges of all shapes and sizes atop Treasure. But our identity lagged behind our strategy, necessitating a revisit to design a new brand identity that could invoke that magical feeling we experience when we play and find delight. One that felt timeless and could last through the ages and that brought forth the charm, wonder, and playfulness that Treasure and its community exudes.

Meet the new Treasure

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The new Treasure is the same one you already know and love, only better. After months of hard work, numerous slide decks, and countless logo and mark iterations, this is the culmination expressed as Treasure’s new brand.

What is Treasure?

Treasure is the decentralized game console connecting games and communities together through imagination, MAGIC, and NFTs. We offer players an engaging and broad set of games to play and provide builders with the infrastructure, tooling, and resources.

Within our console stack, Treasure comprises three key layers:

  1. Cartridges: Games and metaverses built from the ground up by Treasure and seasoned builders, all connected by MAGIC.
  2. Community: Composite of many smaller communities, connected through MAGIC, lore, guilds, and resources.
  3. Infrastructure: The shared economic engine, tooling and resources that powers the ecosystem and empowers builders.

All of this is fueled by a dual resource model — MAGIC powers everything and Treasures serve as the composable resources that connect it all together.

Our New Brand Identity

As the base-layer for metaverse projects, Treasure necessitates a strong brand identity that is easily recognizable but can also fall into the background for cartridges, collaborators, and builders to shine. Our rebrand helps bring this narrative to life and sets the stage for Treasure to move forward with a strong, unified identity that is both empowered and empowering.

New Look and Feel

Beginning with our logomarks, the stars symbolize the magic within our ecosystem, expressed by our community or the games that are built atop our platform. The gem silhouette that encloses the stars is a nod to our origins with the Treasure NFTs (i.e. the ruby) and gaming as a whole. The three new logos all play on the magical, timeless brand heritage, and charm of Treasure to show continuity across our core products:

  • Treasure: The magic of play.
  • MAGIC: Where new stars are born.
  • Trove: A window into new worlds.
Watch our logo reveal video here.

Together with our other brand assets — new colour palette, typeface, imagery, and design system — our new identity offers a warmer, more inviting, and cohesive experience to our vast network of players and builders.

New Website

Treasure’s website has been updated to reflect our sharpened narrative and new look and feel, while centralizing key content across the Treasure ecosystem and improving its user experience. Our website will continue to be updated and improved upon to reflect the ongoing changes and growth of the broader Treasureverse.

While this is an incredible milestone, it is just the beginning of a long and ambitious journey together. This rebranding turns the page to Treasure’s next chapter of growth, signalling our maturation as an organization and setting the foundation for the next era in decentralized game creation.

Let’s keep making magic!

- The Treasure Team

[1] Calculated using the (daily volume of the Treasure Marketplace) x (price on the given day).




The magic of play. Treasure is the decentralized video game console connecting games and communities together through imagination, $MAGIC, and NFTs. ✨

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The magic of play. Treasure is the decentralized video game console connecting games and communities together through imagination, $MAGIC, and NFTs. ✨

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