Partnering with Strider to Create a High Fidelity Game Experience on Treasure

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Today, TreasureDAO takes a huge leap forward in realizing our vision of the connected metaverse. Everyone, our time has come, and the AAA gamers are coming to Treasure.

We’re teaming up with Strider and a former lead designer from one of the world’s leading MMORPGs’ to build one of the first bottom-up AAA NFT and web3 game studios.

We’re partnering with the Strider team because they are veterans of the games industry that have launched products lauded for their creativity as well as the fidelity of their amazing live operations results. Additionally, Strider has a vision for making games that aligned with the organic and community-centric nature of the Treasure ecosystem. Strider is seeking to ensure that the community feels like they are part of the game dev process and can even contribute their way to be part of the core team. They want to not only make great games but utilize the power of web3 to make the experience of being a community member or a contributor feel fresh and fun.

The Strider team itself consists of:

  • Andrew N. Green: CO-FOUNDER, CEO: 20+ years in games and a small stint in film. Andrew has built teams, invested, and cultivated hits at: Stillfront Group, a16z (where he helped start the games investment practice), TinyCo / Jam City where their portfolio generated over $1.2B in revenue (Family Guy: the Quest for Stuff, Avengers Academy, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery), Electronic Arts (Launched Dead Space), Atari, and Take-Two Interactive.
  • Michael Cala: CO-FOUNDER, VP, CREATIVE: 20+ years building amazing brands and content in games. He’s created or helped develop the brands for well known franchises at Rockstar Games (GTA: San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, Bully), Square-Enix (Life is Strange, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Just Cause) and his own Supernaut Studio which works with a variety of games large and small.
  • Whirlybird: CO-FOUNDER, CPO: Systems thinker, team leader, balanced cynic and clear-minded designer. Whirlybird is currently the Game Director on the next installment of one of the largest franchises in the games industry. He previously ran Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery for TinyCo / Jam City and launched it to generate over half a billion dollars in lifetime revenue so far. He’s also held senior product roles at Storm8 (Design Home), Kabam (The Godfather: Five Families). He started his career in games at EA Partners Publishing (Titanfall, Rock Band, Portal 2) after a brief stint in finance.
  • Nick Braccia: CO-FOUNDER, VP, CONTENT & PARTNERSHIPS: A man with a deep affection for the Oxford comma, Nick has created IP experiences for 20+ years. His work includes content and strategy for major game and TV productions such as Dead Space, Watchmen, The Purge, Westworld, and The Man in the High Castle. Co-creator and Co-EP of Shudder’s Video Palace.
  • Linda Lamontagne: HEAD OF TALENT: A CSA-winning casting director and creative professional who has worked with some of the most exciting properties in the world. She’s served as Casting Director for Invincible (Netflix), Family Guy, Bojack Horseman, The Powerpuf Girls, and so many more.

We already have more than 50 projects under development, and this AAA project, currently codenamed “Project Bilbo” will serve as a powerful showcase for Treasure, our NFTs and connected ecosystem.

For the DAO, partnering with teams with AAA gaming experience will catapult us to a new level of web3 gaming and enable the Treasure team to double down on creating the economic engine and infrastructure that powers an ecosystem of games.

Powered by MAGIC, Project Bilbo will deliver a world class game designed to attract a mass-market audience into GameFi and the world of Treasure.

We can’t wait to share more details about Project Bilbo over the coming months — but in the meantime, we need TIP-13 approved so that we can get the ball rolling.




The magic of play. Treasure is the decentralized video game console connecting games and communities together through imagination, $MAGIC, and NFTs. ✨

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The magic of play. Treasure is the decentralized video game console connecting games and communities together through imagination, $MAGIC, and NFTs. ✨

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