New Year, New Types of Deals: What’s New with Treatail as We Start 2018

If you haven’t tried Treatail, you’re missing out on the next online shopping revolution! We’ve designed Treatail for you (yes, we mean both buyers and sellers) to reach deals that make you happy. We admit that Treatail is a new concept in online retail, but there is literally no downside to trying it, outside of maybe a minute of your time. On average, one in five offers made to a seller will get a response, and of those, over 80% result in a deal, so we’ve already seen a number of users get better prices simply because they were willing to ask.

Typically, the bigger the seller, the longer it will take to get a response — bigger companies move slower, and there are more levels to go through before reaching a decision maker. They’re also adjusting to a new concept. You did just name your price, so it’ll take a bit of time for them to digest that and understand what Treatail is all about. But even if you don’t get a response, keep on asking for deals. The more retailers hear from people asking for a deal through Treatail, the quicker they’ll be to get on board and engage with their new-found customers. They already respond to you on Facebook and Twitter, so why not respond to you when you are actually ready to buy something? It’s the little things that make you feel like a valued customer, which is our goal.

If you already have Treatail, you’ll have noticed that we recently added some really cool features, like second chance deals. With second chance deals, if you don’t reach a deal with a retailer, this new functionality allows additional retailers to fulfill your ask with the same or similar items, thus giving you another chance to get the deal you want.

Retailers who are active on Treatail will have an opportunity to see all deals that have expired and can choose which deals they want to revive. As a buyer, the process is very simple. If a seller wants to revive your deal, you’ll receive an email to see if you’re still in the market for the item(s) you requested. If you are, the retailer will craft a personalized deal with the items and price listed, so all you have to do is decide if you want to accept. If you are not interested, simply let the deal expire. And, as always, the buyer’s information is kept confidential until a deal is reached.

Picture this: you’re out shopping at Pottery Barn Kids and you can’t get ahold of anyone to answer any questions. All of a sudden, a Land of Nod salesperson comes along and starts answering all of your questions and even offers you a better deal than what you’re looking for. It’s being treated like a true customer should be treated — and that’s what we want all of our buyers to feel like.

In addition to second chance deals, we’ve also added shared deals: if the seller allows, you can share a completed deal with a limited number of family or friends, so you can all get in on the unique deal you put together. Back to school shopping? How about a pre-negotiated shopping cart with everything you need available with one click? If someone in your network has done it, it’s available to you — that’s the power of shared deals.

Of course, we couldn’t keep something this good to just the USA, so you’ll notice we now accept global currencies, thus allowing people across the globe to harness the power of Treatail. And, to make it easy to spread the word, we also have a new referral program so you can invite your friends, wherever in the world they are, to use Treatail. The more friends you refer, the more people who can share in your new-found ability to make your own deals. And, just between us, we have some great incentives in store to reward our most active referrers, so stay tuned for those.

So now that we’ve all but paid you to download the Treatail app AND the browser extension, here is a quick video where you can see how easy it is to use Treatail. If you’re still on the fence about how easy it truly is, check out our new demo site where you can try it out for yourself.

As you know, the retail and ecommerce industries are changing, and not always with the consumer’s best interest in mind. That’s why we created Treatail — to change the game in a positive manner not only for retailers, but consumers as well. We know that your time and money are valuable, so our goal is to give you every opportunity to save and buy what you want. We’ve got big things planned for Treatail and its users, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: This article makes reference to third party names for purposes of illustration only. No sponsorship or affiliation between Treatail and the owners of these brands is intended, express or implied.

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