Treatail Goes Mobile

We are still coming off of the high from our launch last month and can’t believe the holiday season is well underway. We’ve noticed a high uptick in volume of people shopping with our Treatail browser plugin and are ecstatic at the deals we’re seeing. With black Friday and cyber Monday officially behind us, we know that there are still many deals you’ll want in the next few weeks. With that in mind, today we’re announcing the official launch of our mobile app, available now on both android and iOS. The app is simple and will change the way you think about shopping!

Because you can Treatail at any website, you may be curious where other people are asking for a deal. To help, we’ve added a feature, “Trending Sellers” that allows users to see the top stores where fellow shoppers are Treatailing. When more customers are asking for a deal, your voice becomes hard to ignore.

Screen shots from our app

Mobile is the logical next step for Treatail as it becomes the default shopping vehicle for users. U.S. sales on phones this Cyber Monday surpassed $1.5 billion, up 39 percent from last year according to Adobe Analytics. Mobile phones are predicted to become the leading electronic device for shopping by next year

With the holidays right around the corner, treat yourself to a better deal today. We always welcome feedback so follow us on social and let us know what you think! Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

To download on iOS click HERE

To download on Android click HERE

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