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7 Dec 2019

Tree3 Network came a long path independently but we couldn’t find a way to sustain.
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Hi all
On 7 Dec 2017, exactly 2 years, Pedity project was born and the first version was released in Feb 2018. 2018 was a very productive year and we continued working very hard in 2019 as well.

What we did in 2019

In January — February 2019, the testnet platform was updated with various fixes, improvements and the Pedity backend was also updated with several fixes and API was heavily optimized.
We also launched the documentation of Tree3 Network and the mechanics behind how the project work and how off-chain data is used in Pedity project for blogging, fundraising, tipping, distribution of rewards to off-chain nodes.
In March — April 2019, we migrated the Pedity Platform to Horizon(mainnet) with the release of Pedity 0.2 (On the horizon) and several feature releases. We also pushed Pedity Wallet related updates to google play store.
In May 2019, We also released Pedity API to allow developers to use off-chain data for building applications using Stellar and IPFS.
We also launched and optimized Pedity rewards users were awarded for their contribution using the platform. We also announced our future plans related to 3R — Rebranding, Roadmap, Reorganization
In June 2019, We also started working on upgrading our backend to support the new Stellar Go SDK and upgrade our backend by June 2019.
By August 2019, We rebranded Pedity to Tree3 Network with a new website, updated documentation, organized products and more focus towards completely distributed applications.
In Sept 2019, Tree3 CLI tool was released provides various options for storage and management of digital identity, content and syncing data between nodes. …

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Tree3 Network

Pedity is now Tree3 Network. (

In our last tweet, we announced about the new branding of Pedity and 3R (Rebranding, Reorganization and Roadmap). We have done a huge amount of work for the past months and now we have finished our work, we can’t wait to share all the things we have created.

In this article, we will announce about process of 3R to ensure this process is smooth.


Throughout this week, we will be uploading the new website, Tree3 CLI, Tree3 Pay, updated platform, new logo and replacing all our social links with new brand. We will also be migrating our Github repo with new products and source code. This process will be completed this week with our new logo and brand colors. We are happy to announce introduction of our new applications Tree3 CLI, Tree3 Pay and these will be open source applications and code will be shared this week. …

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Pedity Alpha 0.2

Pedity Alpha 0.2

We are happy to announce the release of Alpha 0.2(codename: Skyline), in this release your content will now be available on stellar. In Alpha 0.1.x, your content stays available on PEDI nodes and all the nodes are paid using the content fees. This article on Pedity is available at this link.

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Pedity Alpha 0.2 homepage

We have always kept a focus that usability is the most important aspect. In Pedity 0.2, PEDI asset can be used for various utilities such as

  1. Create your decentralized blog using PEDI asset which is used to pay nodes for storing…


Tree3 Network

A decentralized content reward platform powered by Stellar and IPFS.

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