Kick starting Android Development with Kotlin — Diving into Kotlin code
Akshay Chordiya

Great overview of some reasons what makes this JVM language great. For all Java/Android Developers out there this article should provide you with enough inspiration to write your next lines of code in Kotlin .. if only to give it a go. The progression (personally I think its progression!) from Java to this language is actually not steep, and if you use an Intellij IDE (aka Android Studio) then the lint detection is very intuitive. I have only been writing/learning for 1 week, but have already been able to write a simple Android app .. Ok not that difficult, but I have used Dagger 2, RxJava 2, Retrofit 2 with a MVP pattern then you can see how powerful this language can be in a short space of time — Kotlin being totally interchangeable with Java makes this my JVM language of choice … Dare I say it, over Java itself …

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