F*** You, I Quit — Hiring Is Broken
Sahat Yalkabov

Your story is bound to stir conflict, as its your personal experience, however I praise you for writing this article (the first that I’ve read in its entirety). Sometimes the most satisfying work is the projects that you do yourself, and maybe a good time to refocus the negative feelings into a new project, and revisit interviewing sometime in the future (when the bitter taste has worn off a bit!). Currently I’m trying to get into the Android app development as a future career, not coming from a developer background this is proofing tough. A developer friend with lots of experience have me a real developer interview coding assignment he was asked to do over a couple days — a refactoring problem. I was able to solve the problem, and in fact I used the same design patterns as he’d used to solve the problem, so it did give me comfort knowing that maybe learning programming wasn’t a mistake and I have the mind for it! It hit home so much when you talked about BFS, I’ve completed an online course where it involved these algorithms, which I was able to code .. However, even though, now I understand the principles I couldn’t recite the code from memory .. From what I can gather interviews are more like what code you can remember verbatim, than having a logical clear thinking mind with the right attitude — to me answering a question with ‘I don’t know the answer right now, however give me a day and I’ll have the answer’ shows eagerness to learn. Anyway .. Bit of a long ‘comment' but wanted to finish by saying I enjoyed reading this article, and have some comfort that it can be frustrating, it can be stressful and it can be difficult getting where you want to be! Best of luck with your future endeavours!