06 things make TreeChain Network attract more 6,000 investors in the Pre-ICO Round

TreeChain Network is a global project with a mission to connect community resources to protect the planet through their TreeChain Platform. At the same time, building a balance ecosystems between human and natural. This project has released TREECOIN as the official token. So what made the TreeChain Network attract more 6,000 investors only the Pre-ICO Round?

  1. Green Paper — “Silver plate” for investors

Green Paper is often considered a “silver plate” for potential investors. TreeChain Network has dissected the Green Paper with the most detailed information and transparent distribution of resources. After reading TreeChain Netwok’s Green Paper, any investor can understand this project has given our world a tremendous human value and decides whether to invest or are not.

You can find out about Green Paper at the official website of the project: http://treechain.network/

2. Covering liquidity:

TreeChain Network is committed to investing in the following circumstances:

  • If the ICO campaign is successful, commit to a 1: 2 investment return (equivalent to $ 500,000 after 4 months).
  • If the ICO campaign reaches its maximum, it commits a 1:10 payout (equivalent to $ 2.5 million after 4 months).
  • If the ICO campaign is not successful, the TreeChain Foundation has the option to sell its own ESOP to an internal shareholder with a value of $ 250,000.

TreeChain Network not only guarantees return on investment but also investment liquidity: 100% of Token’s ownership is not locked (locked transaction) and full transaction when TreeCoin is officially listed on the trading platform.

3. Official token is built on Ethereum platform using ERC20 Smart Contract

Official Token is built on the Ethereum platform using the ERC20 Smart Contract, which makes every process easier and more accurate.

When the TreeChain Platform is officially deployed, TreeChain will be released on the TreeChain Platform. After deploying TreeChain Platform, TREECOIN Token on Ethereum will be FIXED and non-transferable, TREECOIN accounts on Ethereum will be mapped to TREECOIN Token on TreeChain Platform.

4. Super profits

Highlighting the potential, feasibility of the project as well as the high profitability that TREECOIN can bring, the project has drawn more than 6,000 investors right from the pre-ICO.

According to expert Wan Kian Tak, CEO of TreeChain Network, a leader more 200 business of the Malaysian Business Association, TREECOIN will growth up 500,000 times and have a value of US $ 100 after three years.

5. Interesting projects get the attention of the community & the media

Derived from the application of blockchain, IoT, AI technology to plant 11 billion new trees and digitize 1,500 billion trees worldwide. Based on its, building a balanced ecosystem between people and nature. TreeChain Network has received the support of numerous community and the attention of the major media units such as:



6. The Founders team is converging top class experts

TreeChain Network’s founders are not only top technology, finance, NGOs but also professors of prestigious universities from around the world. Founders and developers play important role in any project because they are leaders, they have big effect to success of a project. Combination from a variety of backgrounds is an important foundation for the success of a project.

You can find out about the founders at Green Paper: http://treechain.network/

So that, the TreeChain Network fully key elements to evaluate a successful ICO, which is the basis for attracting more than 6,000 investors in the pre-ICO phase. Do not miss the chance to invest in an ICO campaign to bring in super-profits for you!

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