Exploring Intersectionality

Sep 21, 2015 · 3 min read

I am organizing a course on Intersectionality. This topic is important to me as a black woman and feminist and as a part of the larger assertion that Black Lives Matter.

What is Intersectionality? That’s what we’ll be finding out and discussing. Intersectionality is about the intersections between various distinct and related personal and political struggles. The word was coined by scholar Kimberle Crenshaw in the early 90s particularly to talk about the experiences of black women, amid the intersections of race and gender in society.

“Intersectionality is the belief that all oppressions are linked and cannot be solved alone.”

I am hoping to tap into the wisdom of my community of kind, strong, resilient, honest and above all beautiful black women (and others who love them!) that I know and love. I am wondering,

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Would you have a problem saying or posting, “black lives matter”? Why or why not?

What are the most pressing questions you have for women of color and/or for other folks who would like to be allies to women of color?

What elements of Intersectionality do you feel are important for the public to address? Why or why not?

Do you have any advice for people trying to embrace black lives and/or to support women of color? — At work? At home? In politics and with voting? In your neighborhood? At school? In public? In relationships? With your family?

What do you wish folks remembered about your day to day life? What do we need to pay better attention to?

What practices help you stay mindful of your own and others’ significance in your community/home/workplace/society? What practices help you show compassion for yourself and others?

What do you wish folks would ask you?

What do you wish people knew about you/your life?

What practices help you show compassion for yourself and others?

What questions do you have for ____ ?

What media or public figures do you admire or would recommend?

(books, shows, films, essays, stories, music, video clips, links, organizations, websites, etc.)

What does intersectionality mean to you?

How do you identify yourself?

How diverse is your neighborhood?

What media or public figures do you admire?

Whose work related to this broad subject, do you recommend or appreciate? (books, shows, films, essays, stories, music, video clips, links, organizations, websites, etc.)

Any thing else you’d like to say about this?

All of you, I admire your work, your lives, your spirit, and I appreciate our connection.

Please don’t let drawing a blank on any one of these somewhat intimate, somewhat intense questions turn you off from giving any response you’ve been waiting to offer on this critical current issue!

You are invited to share your replies with me via email: whitneysparks@gmail or @treespire on Twitter #Intersectional. Please feel free to share this questionnaire with anyone else you know who might be interested to offer constructive feedback.

Thank you so much for your voice and presence and continued support!

In solidarity,

Whitney Sparks

P.S. I have started to compile a list of helpful resources HERE:

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