Living Together

You’re in the same boat now!

Having house/flat-mates is one of the greatest, most sustaining, most infuriating challenges/opportunities in life! Why not give it your best shot?

1. Be Nice

As my grandmother says, it’s nice to be nice. People like that. Try saying goodnight and good morning everyday for a week and see how it feels.

2. Clean up after yourself.

Nobody, not even other slobs, really likes a slob. It’s gross and unfriendly to be surrounded by another’s filth.

3. Do the dishes!

Your dishes, for sure. But why not all the dishes? The dishes are the number one recurring housemate issue I hear complaints about from my friends, roommates, and myself. Hm, should we all get a clue?

4. Do nothing, not much, or, if you must, work in “public space.” From your at ease presence alone, those you live with will feel invited to hang out & chill. Moments like these can be worth a fortune.

5. Communicate

In the end, no matter whatever else you do or don’t do, this must be done. Express yourself and your needs, as calmly and clearly as possible. Listen and be available to hear the concerns of the others. Keep talking. Remember: your (collective) ability to keep lines of communication open is your collective potential to find resolutions to whatever conflicts arise.

6. Learn to cook something

If you already enjoy cooking, good for you– and score for your housemates! But if you “can’t” cook, and even if you can, learning to prepare something delicious (a foreign-to-you meal, a fancy pastry, or tomato sauce) is a wonderful, classic bonding experience. Never miss out on the occasion!

Here come some exciting times! Know in advance: Drama will happen. In the end, it’s OK to move on from situations. Try not to give up on people.

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