So THAT’s Why, People…

I DO need an ironic “Free Melania” t-shirt to shout out to the slave plantation wife she is: excusing or participating in the exploitation of many while simultaneously getting literally fucked over by the same bullshit patriarchal power structure. Yet she’s the one the media want us to be sensitive to… while taxpayers spend $1Million/day on her safe space (trump tower) so she doesn’t have to live with that rapist. I mean it sucks for her, but she has (had) a choice and she’s chosen to lie in his bed. GROSS!!!! (Not just b/c he’s gross but because of what that means she is complicit in allowing to happen to the rest of US…)

For example today the overturning of NO DAPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WTF!!!!!!!!! ???????? !!!!!!!!!!!

Further continuation of rant:

While Planned Parenthood bless their hearts has received a record breaking amount of financial donations from individuals in the past months,

while we can still sign a petition to stop the defunding of the National Endowment of the Arts, PBS, and NPR,

while we call senators and representatives to try to oppose the absurd appointments of Betsy Devos and Jeff Sessions and Rick Perry, etc.,

while we call on our legislatures to STOP immediately the overturning of the Affordable Care Act

and the Violence Against Women Act

or the reinstatement of the “Global Gag Rule” — acts which will effectively *KILL* millions of people (US citizens and women around the world!)!!!!!!!

While we can do all that and we must, we should, especially since we’ve marched (or not) — What about all the people all the prayers all the actions all the violence we’ve endured to protect our WATER?!?! What about the broken promises there now….

I love a good solidarity gathering, whether its a march or demo or camp or even as I have organized in the past an artistic expression such as a play or exhibit. Those are the most important times and places to me. So while I did not attend a Women’s March (for personal reasons, mostly of circumstance) I was saddened that soooo few of my family members chose to either participate or even vocally protest/critique(or support) it.

Yet they were all over me when I suggested I might vote for a third party candidate about my societal “responsibility” (how well did that work out? Cheeto Dicktater got elected into power through — as Angela Davis reminded me recently — an **institution of slavery**!!! known as the Electoral College. !!!

Like what fucking vote could overturn that?) I said then and I will shout it now: We need more than electoral politics — esp. while ours are not even fucking democratic! — We must TAKE ACTIONS! Beyond voting, beyond entrusting leaders, beyond donating money.

We need to DIVEST from banksters and fossil fuels and we have to CARE about our neighbors and our own health! That means thinking critically, reading widely, engaging difficult conversations, putting our bodies in these streets to reclaim them. It means gardening, cooking, cleaning, watching children. It means supporting above all our black and brown, indigenous and descendants of enslaved people’s rights and freedom. It means welcoming nonwhite immigrants, uplifting people of color worldwide. It means decolonizing this Earth!

How we/y’all gonna do that now? Who do we write or call or donate petty cash to now to Protect the Sacred and defend the water, defend the land, support the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux? Because they ain’t lie: Water IS Life.

I KNOW it’s #notallwhitepeople, just like #notallmen.

To the tiny minority of my woke white folks — and yeah for the curious, about half of this group is probably NEW friends — I am incredibly grateful to share my reality with you. You who stay woke but never brag about it bc you know how ridiculous it is to play “woker than thou”… those of you who keep working keep listening keep sharing keep thinking and above all keep learning. Who don’t engage in defensive Or defeatist talk. those of you who even dare to defend and amplify my voice — Thank you.

Then there are the oh so many whypipo I know who are still “sleeping in” you could say… some of them having such vivid lucid dreams that they Think they’re awake but they’re actually hella NOT… others literally hitting the snooze button like, I need this rest damnit!

Sorry it’s midday now and time I ring the alarm again. White supremacy is not cool is not woke is not going to disappear on its own is not cute is not sexy is not funny is not okay is not unpopular is not uncommon is often unintentional is not just MY responsibility to call out. But if you do get called out guess what: deal with it. don’t hang out in denial. DO NOT VICTIM BLAME. And PLEASE do not private message me to resolve the fact that you need to educate yourself! PMs are not an absolution booth and it is not my job to explain to politely or in private where you fucked up. Most likely that was explained IN the call out itself. So shush your ego and listen up! Research that shit. Show some respect!

If you don’t know where to start google/search “white fragility.” ALL of y’all could start there…

There are SO MANY OF YOU I am speaking to right now. You in-betweeners. if you never write #blacklivesmatter or say that phrase, it’s you. if you avoid reading or listening or attending events with WOC speakers bc you think your activism should be “more concrete” or “more action based” than listening to reading or sharing voices of color — even on social media, guess what: it’s you too, boo!

If you’re vague on what “Intersectionality” means — find out! If you think you don’t care about it, especially bc you care more about “the environment” or being green or energy efficiency or your job or your business or paying bills or let alone healthcare or feminism or women’s issues — EDIT: if you think cultural appropriation is not a big deal — then I’m Definitely hollering at you. WAKE. UP!

Those whites in deep in REM I need not even address, bc if we’re not already unfriended we will be soon. You are snoring, drooling on a bed made of my oppression and that hurts, and fuck you, I’m getting up.

#MniWiconi #WaterisLife #NoDAPL #BlackLivesMatter #NativeLivesMatter #ListentoWOC #IntersectionalFeministrant