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Mother Earth is not a fucking white woman; we’d all be dead from neglect if she was.

Boundaries is a means of channeling energy. Not a way to stockpile privilege.

Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother Water, Mother Fire, Mother Air… they are ALL, if NOTHING else, WILD! WILD AS FUCK.

I trust you recognize, by Now…. in 2020, she’s reminding us.

Wild women do as they please, to quote my divination teacher, Ifasayo. Wild women don’t get the blues. And well behaved women rarely make history!

Colonizers have written all the history books they put in the modern education system. Their “well behaved” white women have oppressed from pedestals for centuries. Respectability politics has choked off whole movements of insurgent radical Black and Indigenous queer femme liberatory praxis. …

Why do I keep saying that?

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Because we get killed in our homes

Because we struggle to keep a home

Because we have been displaced over and over and over again

Because it’s personal to me.

I have had homes taken away from me again and again

I have had the cops called on me in my home

I have witnessed the domestic violence of my mother

I have experienced domestic violence on multiple occasions

because I have been threatened with violence in my home

I have been told by a then so called friend that I deserve to have violence inflicted on me in my…

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Three of my Great Great Grandmothers, L-R: Louella, Jemima, and Henrietta.

As much as I admire depend upon and am inspired by all of the many beautiful Black womxn and MAGEs who do it all… providing us with the very foundation and the very best content…

I always like to take my time to observe and compliment the BW who are instead of producing and working, relaxing. Doing nothing. Spoiling themselves. Being highly melanated, unbusy, and unbothered. Chilling. Resting. Healing in unseen ways.

“Sometimes you have to be a high flying bitch.”

— Grace Jones, Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami

Unseen being the key word. Healing like it is: none of our business. We don’t get to see it or hear about it it just is. …



making stories visual + leading outside yoga + telling art narratives patreon.com/whitneysparks

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