No, Liberal Resistance, You Do Not Need to Worry About Alienating Conservative “Allies”
Amanda Gailey

I think on the issue of talking with conservatives, the biggest disconnect is culture. We as a movement don’t speak their language. Really the comments about Limbaugh is just that — you don’t have to agree with the policy, but pay attention to how he talks. He talks about how the elite are taking their stuff and giving it away, or about how they manipulate the system to get themselves advantages that average people can’t . He talks about fairness, about Americans working together. About being one nation and not a collection of tribes. None of these things are bad, it’s mostly about a different way of communicating.

Instead of saying that the Muslim ban is bad because it hurts Muslims, say it’s bad because it violates the constitution, and it singles out a group of people solely because of what they believe. Especially if you can point out how giving the government that power will backfire on them. Point out the IRS targeting conservative groups, ask them if they want the government to be able to ban anyone who disagrees with the party in power.

That’s not changing the message, it’s translating it so other people can understand it. Think of it as a language.

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