There Can be No Progressive Coalition Without Working Class Whites
BJ Gray

The problem isn’t that they’re poor. The problem as I see it is enabling them. Unless they’re willing to unilaterally give up the bigotry, there’s nothing good to come of this. What they’ll take from such a new push on their interests is that taking POC, gays, and Muslims as political hostages will get them what they want. This permanently puts the civil rights of those groups on the auction block every election. And we’d have taught them to do it. Before the Trumpian revolt, you didn’t care, nobody noticed the Midwest. They attack gays, blacks, women, and Muslims, and suddenly it’s “won’t somebody think of the poor while people” — essentially you’ve told them that what they did was a good way to get attention.

It’s like buying a kid a toy after a tantrum. Sure, you get the peace and quiet you want just then. But what the kid learns is that tantrums are a good way to get toys. Why? Because he threw a tantrum and you got him hot wheels. What whites are learning from all of the attention, concern, money, and effort spent on them after voting for a racist is that voting for racist policies and people is a great way to get what they want. So the next time they want something, they’ll find another bigot to vote for. Eventually, some of this will become law, and more people will see this as acceptable. As time passes, it will mean that most of the victory won in civil rights movement will be beaten back. Because hurting brown people made you fix heroin addiction, and retrain factory workers into some other path. Or whatever.

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