How to get Twitter Followers to Grow your Audience

Jan 13, 2017 · 6 min read

Social Media Guru Guy Kawasaki famously said about Twitter, ‘There are two types of users on platform, those who want to know how to get Twitter followers faster, and those that lie’

Considering that we at Trendjackers get quite a bit of value from Twitter as a platform, it’s easy to see where Guy is coming from.We use Twitter for a range of marketing activities including content distribution, partaking in social listening and engaging with the community.

But overall, the reason why users want to grow their following on Twitter is simple, the more followers that you have, the more people will know about you and your business.

In this guide we show you some of the ways we have found how to get Twitter followers from real genuine accounts to help boost visibility on the platform.

1.Tweet regularly

According to research performed by Social Media Today, it has been discovered that the optimum number of times to tweet per day is now far higher than what was previously thought, with expert practitioners in the field suggesting a posting schedule of around 3–5 Tweets a day.

Furthermore, due to the ‘timeline’ nature of Twitter, not all of your audience will always see your Tweets due to the different times in which they access the platform. Reports show higher engagement levels on posts sent out in the evening, but by all means conduct your own experiments and scatter your posts out across a varied timescale to see what works for you.

2.Use a social media scheduling tool to manage your Twitter posting schedule

Due to the fact that different people view your profile at different times, it’s perfectly acceptable to Tweet your blog content multiple times with different captions to optimise the amount of traffic driven to your pages from Twitter. Infact, popular marketing blog Kissmetrics claim that it’s acceptable to repost Twitter up to 20 times during the promotional lifecycle of a blogpost.

To organise your monthly social scheduling, it is advised to use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Buffer or SproutSocial which can be used to create a automatic posting schedule. If you haven’t created much content to post yet, you can also use these programs to curate a calendar of useful content to give your page something interesting to tweet about

Screenshot provided by Buffer

3. Use industry-specific hashtags to connect to new audiences

Tweets with hashtags receive up to twice as much engagement in comparison to regular tweets that do not include hashtags. Furthermore, hashtags can allow you to connect with and reach new audiences that don’t follow you already as well as provide an opportunity for you to have an opinion on and influence the public conversation on a range of topics.

Using Twitter tools such as it is possible to indentify related hashtags which may help your brand to reach new relevant audiences. For example, suggests that if you often Tweet about #marketing, you may want to experiment with also posting content using the #socialmedia or #entrepreneur tags.

Screenshot of hashtags relevant to #marketing provided by

4. Optimise your bio to attract the right type of follower

Your bio is one of the only places on Twitter you can place any identifiable information and can be used to link back to your business or latest piece of content. To increase the chances of your profile being found, it is recommended to include a the name of the company you work for, as well as a couple of industry specific hashtags so that your profile appears in the search results on Twitter for these terms.

Image by Aaron Lee at Postplanner

5. Use advanced social listening tools such as Tweetdeck to find out what your audience really thinks

Tweetdeck is an alternative to the official Twitter client, which provides more flexibility and customisation over your Twitter experience. Tweetdeck provides users with the ability to manage and post from multiple Twitter accounts as well as the potential to create custom feeds for advanced social listening based on hashtags or keywords relevant to your niche.

Additionally, Tweetdeck can be integrated into your existing Twitter strategy as a social listening tool, as well as an alternative method of content curation. By monitoring specific keywords or hashtags, you will be able to cut through the noise and identify relevant users such as customers or industry thought leaders in your niche who are Tweeting in real-time.

Screenshot via TweetDeck

6. Follow users who show an interest in similar Twitter accounts to your own

Research by Beevolve, shows a correlation between number of users followed, with the number of followers to a page. Therefore, one of the routes you can take to increasing your Twitter followers is to directly target the followers of your competitors pages, and follow them using Twitter Management tool Tweepi.

Tweepi comes with a list of inbuilt filters such as ‘last time posted’ ‘location’ & ‘follower ratio’ which allows you to narrow down your search to ensure that you are targeting only the right users.


Screenshots of following tools provided by Tweepi

Strike up conversations with relevant users in your niche

Due to the open-nature of Twitter, there are plenty of opportunities to reach out to both prospects & influencers in your niche. Comment and reply to articles you enjoy, and use weekly Twitterchats such as #BufferChat to find users in your industry to engage with.

Some of our favourite Twitter chats include:
#TrendjackersTalks (Wednesdays 8pm-10pm Launching February 1st)

7. Bridge the gap between your online & offline marketing communications

Evoke customer engagement and spark online conversation from your offline marketing campaigns by promoting your twitter account through all of your offline marketing materials.

Promotional poster for #LikeAGirl campaign provided by Always

One campaign that did considerably well in using offline & online content to encourage conversation via Twitter is Always, who launched the hashtag #LikeAGirl alongside ad agency D&AD in order to gain traction with their desired audience of female millennials.

8. Syndicate your Twitter content across multiple social media channels

Furthermore, promote your twitter account across your other social media channels by cross posting your best twitter content to encourage your existing followers on other channels to follow you on Twitter.

@realDonaldTrump crossposting Twitter content via Instagram

9. Monitor your analytics to learn more about how to get Twitter followers

You’ll need to continuously improve your strategy if you want to gain consistent long-term follower gains on Twitter. In order to do so, it’s important to take an indepth look at your Twitter analytics to help understand and track your success.

Dashboarding tool Cyfe can be used with Twitter, as well as with other social media accounts can be be utilised to track your Twitter ads, followers, Tweets & mentions across multiple Twitter accounts.

Following the techniques described in this article will maximise your chances of success. However, it’s important to remember that, In terms of growing your audience on Twitter, considerable growth doesn’t happen overnight and the only way to ensure the success of your profile is by committing to providing valuable content to your audience on a regular basis.

Have you used any of these techniques to grow your Twitter audience? Are there any methods you feel that we may have forgotten to mention? Let us know in the comments below.

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