Trendendo v. 1.1

Sep 8, 2016 · 3 min read
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From the labs of Trendendo HQ straight to your screen(s), we are excited to introduce our first set of updates! Our internal Slack channels keep our phones buzzing all day and night (Ben is notorious for pushing out superhuman enhancements at 3 a.m.), where we’re constantly discussing high-level strategy, exchanging mock-ups of what we want our screens to look like, tinkering with in-app language, and telling really, really funny coding jokes. Like, really funny.

Without further ado, we introduce Trendendo v 1.1:

  1. Faster voting
  • We’ve removed a tiny but pesky animation from the voting screens, enabling you to breeze through Cards like “Best Fantasy Football Running Back — 2016” without interruption. With this enhancement, voting is faster and easier than before — leaving you unencumbered to decide existential debates like whether Todd Gurley or Adrian Peterson should be drafted higher.

2. Introductory Explainer

  • First-time user? Awesome, thanks for downloading Trendendo! We’ve added a brief but informative introductory tutorial that gives you a look at what Trendendo is & how you’ll use it.
Browse, Vote, Connect. Trendendo connects you with crowdsourced rankings.

3. In-app Explainer

  • We analyzed some user feedback to find that Trendendo wasn’t being used to its full capacity. With our new Explainer that greets new users the first time they open up the app, we give a roadmap to Trendendo; where to access different rankings feeds (Friends make the world a better place), how to vote through a Card, and a tutorial on a brand new way to experience Trendendo.
Trending feeds, voting tutorial, and super-cool swiping navigation.

4. Cleveland, this is for you!

  • Northeast Ohio keeps it rollin’. First, a 52 year (!)championship drought ends. And now, we’ve added Cleveland to our growing list of cities that also includes Cincinnati, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, and Columbus. As a proud native of Cleveland, I understand how passionate the people are about their city, so it’s going to be interesting to watch the activity on Cards like “Best Burger in Cleveland” and “Favorite Cleveland Professional Sports Team”.

5. Rankings page titles

  • What am I looking at? Wonder no longer. We’ve added titles to the Rankings pages. So, go ahead, share this page with your Friends to (finally) decide on where to brunch on Saturday.
“Where should we do brunch?” Stop the group chat madness…just share this page.

6. Swipe, baby!

  • Pushing buttons is soooo 2014. With our new swiping gestures, accessing different pages within Trendendo is easier and more intuitive. Want to see the rankings for a Card you’re voting in? Swipe left. Want to go back to the previous page? Swipe right. Want to vote on the next Card without going back to the Feed? Just swipe up to toggle from Card to Card. You’re a voting fiend & how dare we interrupt those nimble fingers!
Swiping makes it all faster, easier, and more fun.

7. Share Trendendo!

  • You can now invite your phonebook friends and Facebook friends with a few taps of the finger. Whether you want to send a text directly to your pals or post the download link to Facebook, sharing Trendendo with others has never been easier.

Want to check out these updates for yourself? Download Trendendo today & start exploring the world of crowdsourced rankings!


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Vote, connect with crowdsourced rankings, track real-time trends within your community, and find lists for anything. It’s Life. Ranked.

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