Oct 6, 2016 · 4 min read
This is so US!

Who are we? Trendendo! What are we gonna do? Change the world! How are we going to do it? Iterative enhancements, design edits, marketplace assessments, user interviews, seed funding, publicity, multiple rounds of investment, publicity, game-changing technology, concept validation, publicity, blood (hope not), sweat (yes) & tears (uh-oh), and an unhealthy obsession to checking Slack, devouring coffee, and using terms like “disrupt” and “churn rate”! Let’s do it, team!

Since launching an iPhone app at the end of July, things haven’t slowed down here at Trendendo. We’ve been growing fast, learning even faster, and have had little time to look around and smell the roses. Participation in group chats with friends has gradually slowed down, replaced by an uptick in our internal Slack conversations and email chains. Morning routines checking Instagram and Facebook have been traded for logging into our Admin panel to check new user downloads & site statistics. The weekly happy hour with co-workers isn’t a given anymore, as our participation in local weeknight startup/tech events has taken precedence.

We’re no Dream Team for at least a couple of reasons; One, no way in hell Michael Jordan could write code. You’re not blessed with a jumper like that and the ability to program. Two, “Dream Team”? A little arrogant, no? But, it’s not always a once-in-a-lifetime collection of talent that goes the furthest. You have seen Cool Runnings, right?

The team has been great. We don’t have the Ivy League makeup of typical Silicon Valley darlings that dot the landscape of Startup Land, but we’ve got a crew of four guys that believe in an idea and have the vision to work towards it. Without further ado, introducing our team:

Cameron Laudick, Founder

  • Bio: A freak athlete amongst us lowly mortals, Cameron measures 5'9", 160 pounds. Reigning from Van Wert, OH, where one can’t walk 500 feet in any direction without bumping into a Phish fan praising the musical blessings of Trey Anastasio, Cameron was an Industrial & Systems Engineering major at The Ohio State University. Not short on passion for travel and adventure, when I first met Cameron at the O Patio on Ohio State’s campus, we were almost instantly locked into one of those “I’m too excited to be in this conversation for my own good” type of talks. Yelling at each other across the fire place to display our enthusiasm for the topic at hand, we instantly bonded over the prospects of an uncertain, but oh-so-exciting, future.
  • What do you want to do when you grow up?: Cam wants to live on a farm in Jackson Hole and tend to his chickens, goats, and viszlas. Also, drink a borderline unhealthy amount of coffee (nothing different from present day).
  • Claim to fame: He can beat anyone in tic tac toe. Anyone. Email him at cameron@trendendo.com to set up a game.
  • Favorite Trendendo Card: Most Important Political Issue

Rob Snider, Developer

  • Bio: Rob is a Cleveland native (bless his soul), who graduated from Ohio State with a Computer Science and Engineering degree. Weighing in at 160 lbs at a height of 6', many mistake him for Rodin’s The Thinker for the striking resemblance, chiseled shoulders, and pensive approach to problem solving. In his own words, he’s a “beer brewing, volleyball playing, code writing, Pokemon trainer”. Beautiful. Amongst other things, Rob built our internal system for uploading content, monitoring app activity, and giving us a look at what Cards our users find most interesting.
  • Claim to fame: Introduced the Trendendo team to the /giphy FUNction in Slack. If you’re not using them in your chats, you’re *eh-hem* slacking.
  • Favorite Trendendo Card: Best Things To Do in Columbus
  • Contact: rob@trendendo.com

Ben Madueme, Developer

  • Bio: Ben joined us to spearhead the development of our iOS app, which is what’s on the market right now. Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Ben is 5'10", 125 lbs, and the youngest of the gang at 25 years old. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon (he’s smart) with a degree in Computer Science (he’s really smart). He owns two cats, Cloud and Rain. Meow.
  • Claim to fame: Harnessing the powers of a coding wizard and unleashing them at all hours of the night. It’s not atypical to wake up to go-live capable enhancements that previously had been wracking our brains for weeks.
  • Favorite Trendendo Card: Best Netflix Original TV Drama
  • Contact: ben@trendendo.com

Tyler Stafford, Marketing

  • Bio: An affinity for carbohydrates and pumpkin spice lattes, Tyler’s weight is hard to pin down from one day to the next, so it’s better left a mystery to the reader. He has an odd inferiority complex — mostly due to his having grown up watching Cleveland sports — and has more than a few weird habits, such as overuse of commas (case in point), singing all the time (allllll the time), and coming up with combinations of words that total 12 letters. Weird. Very weird.
  • Claim to fame: Related to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.
  • Favorite Trendendo Card: Worst Cleveland Browns Starting Quarterback since 1999
  • Contact: tyler@trendendo.com

So, there you have it. A rag tag bunch, we’re not the prettiest or the brightest crew, but we’re on a mission to bring you an enjoyable, interesting, and helpful experience with Trendendo. As always, give us a shout if you have questions/concerns/funny jokes. We love funny jokes.

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