New Methods of Controlling Electrons Could be Major in Quantum Computing

UCLA researchers HongWen Jiang, professor of physics, and graduate student, Joshua Schoenfield have discovered a method for controlling and measuring the valley states of electrons in a silicon quantum dot, an essential key to stabilizing the qubits of a quantum computer. Their full findings are available in the journal Nature Communications.

A *quantum dot is a finite area of silicon that captures electrons, allowing researchers to alter their charge and spin. The ‘valley state’, a particular part of an electron’s movement where it lays low in the texture of the silicone’s structure, has only recently been understood to have importance in the information storage of a qubit. If the silicon is imperfect in any way an electron’s Valley state can be altered to dramatic and unpredictable effect. The valley state is inherent to the nature and action of a functioning qubit.

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