TREOS Announces Release of Whitepaper Light

Oct 18, 2018 · 4 min read

Social Announcement Pieta, Malta —October 18, 2018

Global marketplace TREOS, based in Malta, and its decentralised team of developers have announced today that they have released their greatly anticipated Whitepaper Light, the first version of their Whitepaper.

“Your true wealth is your time and freedom. Money is just a tool for storing your time, a container to store your economic energy until you’re ready to deploy it.” — from The Hidden Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney

After much anticipation, TREOS is proud to introduce the TREOS Whitepaper Light, an extensive look inside our plans for building a new economy for the people. After countless hours of concentrated planning and input from our global team, one that includes a broad section of the world community, we wanted to share our progress and give the world an introduction to our thorough plan to empower, build, incentivise, create equality and transparency for all people. The term “Light” is being used at this time because it is not yet the final edition. Our Whitepaper is a work in progress, nearing completion but with some additions in the days and weeks to come. We have aligned ourselves completely with MFSA regulations and continue to progress successfully through the stages required for approval. This is a call to action for everyone who is interested to read, explore and discover the blueprint of a new way to grow an economic ecosystem built with the highest of values using the most up to date technological advances. Throughout this article the reader will become familiar with what makes TREOS tremendously unique and why it is set to be a catalyst in facilitating mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the years ahead.

TREOS is an entire ecosystem, and a social business with a civilised proposal for change. What TREOS is bringing to the table is a complete cultural change, a complete financial change, a whole new token, and a whole new economy built by the people, for the people, rather than for the banking systems. The general philosophy is that every single person who contributes to the growth of the TREOS Ecosystem will in some way receive a share in the outcome of that growth. The TREOS team is made of everyday people with everyday concerns and dreams. We have drawn on our community to develop a common sense model for change.”

The foundation of the TREOS ecosystem is the online marketplace fuelled by three utility tokens, all with a stable price anchored to gold, which will be distributed in three scheduled phases. The whitepaper shows in great detail the part that each token will play in the plan and movement towards the mainstream adoption of decentralised virtual financial assets (VFAs). It operates within a regulated and licensed framework to encourage a free-flowing transfer of value to merchants, buyers, affiliates and business owners, by removing volatility from the cryptocurrency marketplace.”

Our three TREOS Utility Tokens are ‘decentralised money,’ having all the benefits from both cryptocurrency and fiat worlds, and the disadvantages of none. Our most basic blueprint was as follows:

  • Create a stable token.
  • Teach people how to use it safely.
  • Commit to representing the people.
  • Anchor the price to something that holds its value.
  • Build it in a way that encourages compatibility with regulation and legislation, inside an easy-to-understand framework and according to best practices.
  • Empower people to earn a living in the ecosystem, being their own bosses and their own banks.
  • Enable incentives to contribute with micropayment technology, rewarding people’s everyday practices when they align with ecosystem health.
  • Put everything on a digitised, decentralised, transparent blockchain.
  • Calculate universal inflation benefits and use wallet-minting mechanisms to share them fairly with every contributor as a form of universal basic income.
  • Attract like-minded partners and innovators to contribute to a living, evolving blockchain ecosystem.

“Many years in the forming, the (TREOS) platform has been carefully designed and engineered for the people, by the people, to fill a void in the ecommerce market. TREOS launches itself into a rapidly growing market, within an ecosystem designed to make every blockchain competitor into a helper. In 2017 alone, global retail e-sales were in excess of 2.3 trillion US dollars in 2017, accounting for 10.2 percent of all retail sales. This number is expected to exceed 17.5 percent by 2021, confirming the huge growth in ecommerce needs worldwide (1). This is an expected user increase of over 70 percent in only four years. The liquidity and inflation rates of the TRO, TRE, and TREOS tokens have taken these statistics into account and are an important factor in the seamless operation of the TREOS Economy. By 2024, analysts project that over 200 million people will be using cryptocurrency, versus the March 2017 number of a conservative 5.8 million (2) which is a 344 percent increase. TREOS positions itself to take advantage of this growth and adoption.”

This whitepaper aims to provide useful information about an industry wide situation, its problem, and its solution. We don’t pretend to know exactly what social evolution will bring to technology, but we have the foresight to know that it needs to happen in a transparent ecosystem where we can evolve together. We believe that vision must align with action. We don’t do one thing in public, and another in private. We have a created a business model that encourages blockchain ecosystem partners that also have a clear vision of a cryptocurrency-based future to join us in utilising a high-level approach involving structure, strategies and economic well-being. We know that blockchain — and the future — is cooperative.” Read the Whitepaper Light at and get involved, be informed and join an economy that’s here for you, the people.


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