8 Ways To Use Social Media To Get A New Job

Believe me, searching job was never so easy and interesting as is now. At the end of a click there is a world of opportunities waiting for you. And these opportunities have such enticing names — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so many more. Don’t just choose one, take part in all. Because all of them have their own benefits and remember presence on all won’t harm you.

Use Social Media in the following manner for finding a new job.

You won’t find one till you search. The efforts should start from this particular exercise. Indeed, Monstor, CareerBuilder or Simply Hired are the places you should be virtually living while searching for a job. You will instantly get an access to a lot of jobs, but remember there are a good number of people on them. So it’s easy and difficult at the same time. You can increase your chances by checking out Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages of the companies.

Make A Plan
This is often seen that people in their desperation update their profile, join groups and start following companies all at once. Well, we do understand that there must be an urgency, but doing it without planning can be a worthless exercise. Think what you want, update accordingly and then following one-thing-in-one-day strategy, go for the kill. This is one of the key things to get an answer to the bigger question — how to find a new job.

Build Relationships
Social Media offers you an opportunity that is not possible in the real world. You don’t know anyone personally, but still can get in touch with him. Well, this kind of relationship is possible only on social media. Join LinkedIn groups, search for the ones that relate to your industry, make sure they are active and vibrant. Similarly, on twiter follow people who are active and from your industry. Follow human resource developers of various companies, nothing else will benefit you more than remaining in touch with these fellows.

Show Your Skills
Well, starting with LinkedIn don’t just add your resume, add your skills. Show the potential employers what you are capable of. It should also contain your professional experience. This strategy can be used on other networks as well. Add content that shows your future employers what you are capable of and how you are useful for them. You never know, some employer may be looking for the skill that you just wrote about. While you are showing your skills you should also start teaching yourselves how to prepare for a job interview.

Build Your Authority
Yes, just by making a social media profile won’t help much. You have to participate actively. And to become known you have to add or share content that is thought provoking, useful and above all engaging. Thus, people will start looking up to you. Answer questions, share links to great content on Facebook and Twitter. You should offer help while you are looking for one yourself. Tweet that interesting article. That would be amazing for your career.

Don’t Ask For It
If you deserve it, you will get it. Don’t beg for a job, instead let them ask you to work for them. There is no bigger satisfaction than working on your own terms. And when they know your skills, they will do so. Looking from your perspective, you get to work the kind of work that interests you and not just any. Your satisfaction level will get a new high. And this happens when you use the social media to show just the right skills you have. Lastly, update your resume more than once in a week.

Seek Public Support
When you use LinkedIn, you get an unprecedented benefit of getting recommendations. This media allows its users to have recommendations from its connections. The probable recruiters will have a better picture of the employee they are looking for. When someone else says that you have that particular skill, it adds a stamp of authenticity. Don’t wait, go for it.

Opportunities Can Knock At Your Door
With an inclusion of social media in your job hunting, you get jobs at your door. By making use of your email, you can set up customizable job search alerts. This will ensure that as soon as they are out, you get to know about them without having to find them out. You will get notifications instantly.

What’s ‘Hot” What “Not”
When you follow companies and their most important men, you come to know of any news regarding the company. It also helps to learn about trends and hot topics taking place in your industry. You should know this because you may be asked about these in you job interview. By knowing everything pertaining to this will increase your chances of getting hired.

Apart from this you can read as much as you can from social media posts to learn how to prepare for a job interview. I am sure there is plenty of information online to help you and guide you to take charge.

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