How to Keep Your Virtual Office Tidy

Dec 6, 2019 · 2 min read

No matter where you work, a cluttered workspace is distracting and can seriously inhibit your productivity. There are some very simple things that could be hampering the way you work. Here are six ways to take your virtual office from a disruptive work environment to a productive powerhouse.

Limit your smartphone time.

Constant notifications are distracting. You can even set schedules to have your calls route elsewhere during specific times of day.

Eliminate paper.

Having unnecessary paper on your desk leads to disorder and inevitably affects your ability to focus on the present task. Instead, file away important documents in the cloud.

Organize your computer desktop.

A cluttered desktop makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand. Use cloud-based tools to file and organize your documents.

Take control of your inbox.

Closing your inbox for a couple of hours at a time and using tools like that make it easier to weed out unwanted emails are great ways to reduce virtual clutter.

Close windows you’re not using.

Our brains aren’t as great at multitasking as we think. Stick to the task at hand and close the other tabs.

Keep your physical workplace simple.

Eliminate any gadgets or decor that don’t serve a purpose. Every clocks and desk toys can be distracting.

Productivity levels go beyond the desk, especially for those who don’t have a physical desk. If you have a non-traditional office, organization is a priority, not only for productivity but also to prevent errors.

Remember, a clear desk means a clear mind. It’s time to optimize your space to amp up your productivity by getting your space whipped into shape.


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