Tips for 2020 Entrepreneurs Need to Know Now

Dec 18, 2019 · 2 min read

In the last ten years, an unbelievable number of things have changed, and they’ve done so drastically, especially in the business and entrepreneur world. The advancements in technology have changed the game across the board, shifting how businesses operate, the overall market, and even what consumers expect and how they behave.

Ready to find out what’s coming your way? Let’s look at all the tips and trends for businesses that will help you dominate in 2020!

Customer service is #1.

With customer expectations on the rise, you can’t afford not to invest in great customer service and it’s simple to do. By having a strong CRM, arming yourself with an answering service and investing in training for your representatives, you’ll be a customer service superstar.

Geography is becoming irrelevant.

Remote work is a major trend that businesses will expect to see in 2020, and it’s increasingly the preference of many workers. If you’re really struggling with the idea of remote work, read more about communication tools to help your team collaborate here.

Green, ethical & sustainability take priority.

Businesses are being held more accountable than they have been in the past and being conscious could help your business. 73% Millennials alone will actually spend more on brands that they feel uphold these principles, and this isn’t a trend that’s going to fade out. Going digital, choosing eco-friendly packaging, and using a virtual phone system are a few simple ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Machine learning is advancing.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are continuing to improve and they are incredibly effective. Leverage any machine learning that is already accessible to you (like Facebook ads) and seek out any others that could help you learn more about your business.

Mobile apps are redefining service-based industries.

Mobile apps are already a way that businesses are offering more personalized services for their customers, but now they’re becoming crucial for service-based industries too. People want convenience, and the ability to quickly book an appointment with your carpet cleaner or even to pay their statement on an app without having to get on a desktop is a huge plus.

None of these business trends for 2020 will likely shock you; our society has been gravitating towards these values for some time now. Just because they’re not brand new doesn’t mean that they aren’t important or that you shouldn’t prioritize them in 2020.

Instead, make sure that your business and its practices are up to speed on these trends, and check out any new tools or resources that may be available to you now that weren’t before. The new year is coming and you’ll be ready.


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