Tresta Makes Business Communication Even Simpler with New Website

Dec 11, 2019 · 2 min read

From day one, our focus at Tresta has been to simplify business communication. Now, we have proudly unveiled a new website design that provides the best experience yet.

The new site features a cleaner, more modern design that connects even better with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Displaying our growing feature set, enhancing the phone number selection process, and making it easier than ever to get started — Tresta is making business communication simpler, again.

We’ve worked hard to make Tresta the best business phone system for small businesses, but until recently our marketing website relied heavily on illustrations that didn’t truly showcase our app. If you’re considering getting an app-based phone system, you want to see the app. Our new website corrects this with a strong emphasis on images that really show off the beautiful, user-friendly app we’ve spent years building and refining. In addition, the new site features a signup process that’s been completely redesigned to be faster and simpler. It’s just a much better experience overall,” said Austin Davidson Tresta’s CEO.

Tresta website on mobile
Tresta website on mobile

“The business world is changing rapidly. Workforces are more distributed than ever, and whether employees work in a traditional office or from home, they’re expected to be available anywhere, anytime — pushing more and more business calls onto our personal cell phones. While remote working and related trends have been empowering for workers in many ways, they’ve also served to blur the already stressed line between our personal and business lives,” said Davidson.

“Tresta is the perfect platform to help tackle these new challenges, as we work to provide a new type of business phone system that offers the freedom and flexibility to connect from anywhere on any device, but with features specifically designed to help us reintroduce a healthy and much-needed separation between our personal lives and our business lives.”

Check out the new website at

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