Or, a day in the life of an international product designer.

My organization has remote developers, product managers, and designers. Not all of them are based in the same city, state, or even the same country. To further complicate the situation, our users are also spaced out around the globe. As I’m sure you can understand, standard design practices aren’t as easy for us because of our co-located team.

This isn’t to say that co-located teams don’t have their own issues, only that the issues they have are compounded by a team that works on opposite sides of the globe.

In talking about how I work on a daily basis, I…

or, a designer in exile.

I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life working as a designer. First as a graphic designer, then a web designer, then as a product or UX designer. You can even throw UX/UI designer in for good measure. I’ve created skeuomorphic interfaces and built the latest in flat (or whatever is cool now) web sites. I’ve designed emails, trade show booths and even book covers. I’ve read dozens of design books, been to conventions and talked to industry leaders. …

Trev Poulson

Product Designer and Other Things.

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