Transplanting Carrots.

This week in garden class, I’ve been working on finding a way to transplant carrots. Carrots are normally not transplanted and if you do attempt to transplant them, you could harm the roots. When I was researching this online, I came across an article that had a way to transplant carrots without harming the roots. Supposedly, using newspaper pots allows you to transplant carrots as long as you follow certain guidelines. (You can find the article here: ).

Sometime when the rain clears up here, I am going to begin experimenting with transplanting carrots and trying different ways to see if they survive or not. I am going to take the traditional transplant into consideration and now, the newspaper pots. I am sure there are more ways to transplant carrots (at a risk), and I hope that I will continue to find these ways while I am researching.

Recently, I’ve received the information for the carrot variety that I will continue planting will be SugarSnax. This variety of carrots requires 68 days to fully mature, and their roots are long and slender. I feel like it will be a lot harder to plant with slender roots, because they are very thin and might break easily. I am hoping that I will continue to find different ways to transplant these carrots, and I will strive and push myself until that is done so.

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