Bouncing Back

It wasn’t really bouncing back. I felt like crap on Wednesday after that miserable workout and all around bad day Tuesday.

I had been going so hard, for so long, and experiencing rapid improvement until I hit the wall on Tuesday. All of the positive feelings I had following workouts were the opposite and magnified after that bad one.

There have been mornings when I’ve been tired, where I’ve had to talk myself into getting up to go to the gym. Because I knew if I did, I would feel better after our workout.

But I didn’t know that anymore. I didn’t feel better after Tuesday’s workout — I felt worse.

So how do you talk yourself into getting up when you don’t want to now?

What’s the motivation if I don’t know I’ll feel better an hour later even if I’m tired now?

My coaches explain almost daily that this thing we’re dong, it’s a process. It takes time. “Just keep coming back,” they say. If there’s one thing I can safely say I’ve learned, it is to listen to my coaches.

So I came back.

I talked to my coaches about my wrist. We made adjustments to the WOD. It felt strange to be doing a different movement than the rest of my class.

To be completely honest, it hurt my pride. Like I couldn’t keep up with everyone else.

Luckily, our workouts push you hard. By the second round, I completely forgot I was doing a different movement. I was just focused on finishing in the time.

By the end of the workout, I felt great.

I felt strong.

My mind was clear.

I joked with my coaches.

And the rest of Wednesday followed suit.

I got up and came back Thursday.

And felt great on Thursday too.

On Friday, we had our Gold Star workout for Memorial Day. An extended, partner workout that is broken into five rounds, each honoring a branch of the U.S. military. In partner workouts, one person works while the other rests.

I was fortunate enough to partner with Andrew, one of the leaders at our Tribe. It would have been easy for me to hang back and let him take the lead. To only do half as many reps as him.

We probably would have completed more overall reps but I wouldn’t have given it my all. I’m learning to be as satisfied with my effort as I am with the weight I move.

So we decided to go one for one. He did five Hang Power Cleans, I did five Hang Power Cleans. He did ten Pull-Ups, I did ten Pull-Ups. Etc.

I scaled some of the movements, like pull-ups, because of my wrist. But I wasn’t going to sell my reps short.

We finished the workout with 499 combined reps!

I’ve never been more proud of a workout. Proud because it was in honor of people who have served, families who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

And proud of myself. This week was a micro-example of the last six months.

The daily, weekly, monthly discipline of waking up, dressing up, showing up, and not giving up.

The results show up in direct proportion to how much you do.

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