On Debt and Dumbbells

I met one of my Iron Tribe coaches recently for coffee. We chatted about my progress, goals and next steps, and fitness overall.

We talked about that fine line between being proud of the changes you’ve made without being boastful.

How the physical changes are simply the visual side effect of your changes in discipline.

How starting the day with a workout affects every other aspect of your day.

“Most people overestimate the physical benefits of exercise, and underestimate the emotional and mental benefits.” — Marie Forleo

Knowing where I work, we also talked about personal finance. My coach was incredibly open about his money habits and his goals regarding debt. We agreed to meet often to hold each other accountable to our goals, both physical and financial.

I asked him how he found himself at Iron Tribe as a coach.

He was a track runner in high school and weighed 135 lb soaking wet. He decided he wanted to become bigger and stronger (not that there is anything wrong with being a 135 lb runner).

As he worked out, put on muscle, and got stronger he experienced those other emotional and mental benefits. It changed his perspective on fitness so much he felt called to show people how to experience it for themselves.

And that’s what is so great about where we both work. It starts with a very clear goal (get out of debt or get into better shape) and when people walk through it they are rewarded with more than just the outcome of that goal.

The life change isn’t in the goal itself.

Life change is in the discipline and self-respect found in pursuit of a goal.