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How many times have you wanted to not only start a project, but finish it as well?

Well duh, every time.

That’s the main goal right?

Now how many times have you had an idea, only to hear of someone else having almost the exact same idea and following through on it?

Now they’re rich and famous and you’re, well, not. Unfair? Not at all.

So what’s the big different between you and that individual of envy?

They started.

They began regardless of how others may perceive their idea, product, or service. Succeed or fail, it’s something they wanted to happen as soon as possible. They took the risk — after all, isn’t that what entrepreneurs do?

I’ve heard this countless times, but never thought it would apply to me. But, of course, I was wrong.

Take my own (very) new design company for instance, Fide Agency.

I’ve always had a passion for all types of design (more so architecture, but that’s for another post.)

Anyway, my passion turned into a need to service others through web design. I’m the type that enjoys the strategic approach web design offers as well as simply designing the sites themselves.

Now, a big thing about me is that I’m a HUGE productivity-planner-list guy and I knew that if I wanted this to work, I had to plan a little, and execute a lot.

In simple terms, I had to start the damn thing and go from there without thinking too much about the specifics that are involved. So I began creating the brand, some demo sites, and even sent a couple of client proposals all within a week or two. Do I have 15 years of u/x or u/i experience? Nope. But that doesn’t stop me. I know what I need to do so I do it. You know the saying: Fail fast. Fail hard.

Doing all of that led to some very valuable feedback from friends, family, and potential clients — something I would not have known otherwise if I was still planning an official launch or second guessing myself.

Now I know for sure that there is a need for my type of services, or at least an interest that can turn into a need — this is called verifying your market by the way.

Because of the nature of my being, I still plan quite a bit (that’s just me and I’m ok with that), but I also execute quite a bit. I’m writing more, designing more, and accomplishing tasks that make me a better entrepreneur, designer, and person overall.

Take this post for example. I had an idea, wrote it, sent it to a couple of friends for review, found a worthy picture, and clicked publish. If people like it, cool, and if not, that’s okay too.

The point is, I did what I set out to do.

Besides, no one likes the person who says they’re going to do something, but never does because they’re still planning to do it.

You never want to be that person.

Without getting too detailed (remember that’s not the goal), here are (3) simple ways to help you get stuff done.

  1. Write the Big 3: Get some paper and write down three major tasks (not goals) that not only need to get done immediately, but will be something that propels you forward towards you reaching your goals.
  2. Order them by priority: Order them by most effective to least effective using stars, numbers, dashes, whatever works for you. The point is to focus on what will allow you to take the most action the fastest. You can focus on specifics later.
  3. Look at your Big 3 and begin: This by far the hardest for most people. There’s something in our brains that tells us this won’t work, you’ll fail, or you’ll do it wrong and simply waste time. Ignore that feeling and start on the first task. To help, I always use the power of quick failure, my thought process of not moving forward in life — i.e., if I don’t do this, I’ll never get any further than where I am now.

So there. No more excuses.

If you want to accomplish something, just do it. What are you waiting on?

You can follow me on Twitter for more motivational, design-y, entrepreneurial posts. I’m still working on our website at the moment, but it’s coming… don’t you worry (see above for clarification).

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