Our Mobile Generation.

Lately, I have been noticing how much of our time is consumed on social media and on our cell phones in general. It doesn’t matter where I am… an individual nearly plows over me because of their blind eye to the real world. Walking down hallways, sidewalks and even while driving. It has become an issue in our generation.

Here is an example of a daily routine for most:

Wake up, check phone.

Take a shower, check phone.

Get out of class, check phone.

Stop at red light, check phone.

Be in bathroom, check phone. (Yes, I went there)

Be on your phone, check phone.

It’s almost like a 2nd nature for some of us! I know it used to be for me and I still to this day find myself on my iPhone for long periods of time. Until I realized that I need to use my time more productively. Now, Don’t get me wrong; social media isn’t evil. That isn’t what I’m saying. I’m simply suggesting that you could be using your time wisely.

Example: Who needs to watch cat videos all day? Before clicking, ask yourself “How is this helping me complete my life goals?” If it isn’t… (You know what to do). Do you really need to scroll through Facebook for 3 hours a day? (Probably not)

How much of the time do I actually need to be on my phone?

How can I use this spare time?

How can I be more productive towards my future?

There is certainly something out there that could be done during the time I’m spending online. So for me… I’m choosing to slim it down and READ something or use my time to build towards my future. .. Something other than the trash you see online. Whether its scripture, inspiration, finances or something that I can use to build my knowledge, I’m reading it. That may not be the way that you need to spend your spare time; but this week I’m challenging you to step out and be DIFFERENT. So next time you find yourself along with everyone else obsessing over their newsfeed… Break the mold. Start a conversation. SPEAK LIFE. Or find something meaningful to do.

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