Why Aren’t YOU the One Guy Commenting?

Okay so the comment I had here wasn’t the most informative, I’m just a David Lynch fan lol.

Now I’d like to first clear up that I’m not trying to make Nerdist look bad by using them as an example of no one commenting on their articles. They’ve got great content and cover TV & movie releases no one else does which is nice. And it’s not just some of their website articles no one is commenting on, its SO many websites. Everyone wants/needs to be a social media company now and to quote, out of context, Garyvee “Social media BTW just means ‘internet’ at this point” and if your not one of the big players or among the list of the Snapchat “Discovery” section theres a good chance no one is commenting on your content. No one is commenting yet I’m getting some of these articles as TOP page results in Google. It’s wild.

I scroll down to the comments section almost, if not, 100% of the time of everything I read and watch. If its less then 10–20 comments I typically read ALL of them and if someone says something REALLY interesting or calls BS on someones article with links to back it up I check them out.

One thing I know for certain is that whenever I do post on a zero comment blog the OP usually checks out my personal website. I can’t confirm this mind you but if I’M writing content for a site with no comments and suddenly someone DOES comment on my content I want to see who the hell it is. I’m clicking whatever handle they posted with or viewing their personal website to see what they’re about. F**k, and I just thought of this now, sometimes I actually don’t even READ the entire article and just scroll down to see what people had to say about it.

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere is great for getting new followers or friends but the process of discoverability is different. If I comment on someones FB post I don’t expect them to do anything beyond maybe viewing my FB profile and plus they probably already know me. When I post on Twitter sure I’ll make 800 impressions with a trending hashtag but no one probably cared about it. If I post on someone’s random blog article the OP is almost certainly checking out who the hell I am because I’m posting with a verified account. Not to mention the people reading that post are consuming my content at the bottom of the article as well.

What I’m getting at is the zero comment section of ANY BLOG POST is a MAJOR attention grab for people reading that content. So when you see a blog post with little to no comments add something great. Add value because if it ends up being just as (if not more) engaging and interesting then the original blog post then the reader might end up following both of you.

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