T-Rex Punks
3 min readJan 26, 2022



  1. Overview
  2. Tokenomics
  3. Staking on trexpunks.com
  4. Our future project roadmap
  5. Conclusion


TREX Token started as a dream!

This Token is something to give back to our NFT holders, and to give them a reason to hold onto our NFTs.

We are an example of the small guy being able to do what the big guy does.

We are here to show that no matter what if you have a dream, it can become reality with a little bit of effort. This is what T-REX PUNKS stands for.

Going for your goal, take the risk!


We will launch our token on justmoney.io

exchange starting Feb 1st at 5PM UTC.

  • Total supply: 10 billion tokens
  • Starting price will be 0.000015 TRX (only for the absolute first buyer)
  • Max buy is set to 15 million tokens per purchase (This has been lifted)
  • We will be supplying the LP pool with 60% of supply of TREX token.
  • 35% will be used for future staking of our NFTs on trexpunks.com.
  • 5% of TREX token will be for dev/marketing.
  • We will be adding earnings from our NFTs into the LP supply from: trexpunks.com, kraftly T-Rex Punks (Project editions, Angel & Devil), and Uswap T-Rex Punks (Klever Editions). We will buy back and burn TREX for half and send half of it as TRX to the LP. Just like JM does for Friday burns!
  • Update: 10 million TREX tokens have been sent to this wallet (TU2ihuJbuVjPV5PkjzXUv2i4p8bCnRNBp4) from the Dev/marketing wallet (TR5fQNVfffo2jE4TK82pgvW3n4wLGpMYRE). Total amount left is 490,000,000 $TREX. The 10 million tokens have been sent to the like bot wallet address. The T-Rex Punk Boneyard like bot has been added to telegram: https://t.me/trexpunk. This will be used to incentivize the community and bring more light to T-Rex Punks.

Staking On Trexpunks.com

We are trying to open this up as soon as possible after token launch. Patience is key to any project, we want to give back to the community by enabling staking of your NFTs.

35 percent will be allocated to staking of NFTs, this will give our buyers a chance to get something in return for holding onto your sweet Dino! Stay tuned for greatness.

Our Future Project Roadmap


Coming to the end of the WP we want to

say thank you for all of the support from

everyone so far.

We have had these dreams since we started

to have a relationship with justmoney,

mainly because their team is amazing and

very professional.

We promise to do our best and make our

whole community of Rexians thrive in the

NFT space. Thank you to all of our


Now go get REXED!!

— With love from T-Rex Punks.