Week in Review: Page 12

2017 Week in Review: Page 12

The twelfth week of focused journaling has reminded me that you have to recognize that life is about learning how to focus on the long game. Even when you don’t see anything happening in the short term.

The major takeaway from week twelve is :

This week was a culmination of two weeks of hard focused, concentrated, and tiring work. I had to take a few mental health breaks during the week. However, Friday was a day where I kept asking myself “Why do I feel so out of sorts?”. I am not sick, I am not physically tired, so what am I?

I recognized that I was stricken with self-doubt and anxiousness. Choosing to fill my time with “When is happening? Will is happen? It probably won’t happen.” I have been shown that those two things can’t co-exist if growth is supposed to happen. You have to recognize the feelings and beliefs that are stunting your growth, address them, and work to alleviate them. Growth can be impeding but it can be overcome.

I have recognized and addressed self-doubt and anxiousness as the barriers that are blocking my growth and impeding my long-term game. Don’t let barriers keep you from reaching your ultimate goals. Remember the work you do in silence is often evident in public.

Grind day is everyday. — Trey Fugo

Final Thoughts for Week Twelve:

Strength is built daily.— Trey Fugo


You will always be placed where you are supposed to land. Enjoy your journey. -Trey Fugo

I hope you stay tuned because transformation is happening,

Trey Fugo