Week in Review: Page 19

2017 Week in Review: Page 19

The nineteenth week of focused journaling has reminded me that some days you have to take one step at a time. Not everyday will be perfect, but it will be worth it.

The major takeaway from week nineteenth is :

You have to know who are you are and commit to learning your purpose here on earth. Sometimes, the place you are currently in serves as a stepping stone toward your future endeavors. Is every day easy? No. Is every day great? No. Can you learn from these moments of agony, defeat, wins and victory? Yes. All lessons are learned in various periods of our lives, some lessons are received quickly and others make more sense over time.

Make sure that you buy into dreams and ideals that align with your purpose. People will quickly try to sell you their dreams because they are important to them, if you cannot see your own path in their dream. It is time to self-check, reflect and figure out what is next. You have one life, there are no do overs. There are options to restart and learn, but it is hard to make up for lost time. Keep your focus, take one day at a time. Learn everyday and know that all of your hard work will be worth.

Remember a house is built brick by brick. — Trey Fugo

Final Thoughts for Week Eleven:

Legendary stories often originate from humble beginnings. — Trey Fugo


Build towards your future everyday. -Trey Fugo

I hope you stay tuned because transformation is happening,

Trey Fugo