Week in Review: Page 21

2017 Week in Review: Page 21

The twenty first week of focused journaling has reminded me in order to receive instructions, you have to be still and listen. In other words, we are often looking for directions, but we aren’t committed to listening. Sometimes we hear the best answers, when are silent.

The major takeaway from week twenty one is :

Don’t confuse being still, with being stagnant.— Trey Fugo

Taking the time to listen for the steps you need to take as a part of your purpose, are not always easy, but it is an important part of the journey. I have been taking time to read and meditate. As a result, I have received the answers and information that I need to move forward. At times it may not feel as if you are moving, but remember a house is built brick by brick. Growth occurs daily. You are more knowledgeable and even stronger than you were yesterday.

The ability to gain wisdom is so important because it is important as you ascend on your path to greatness.

Final Thoughts for Week Twenty One :

Learn from the past. Focus on the present. Build for the future. — Trey Fugo

There are popular images on social media that remind us that the next level requires a new you. I believe that the next level requires a stronger you. Take a moment to reflect about all of the lessons you have learned, opportunities you seek, and the knowledge you will need to achieve your goals. Being still encourages answers and being “busy” encourages distractions.


The hustle isn’t easy, but it’s loyal Always keep the end goal in mind. -Trey Fugo

I hope you stay tuned because transformation is happening,

Trey Fugo