Trey’s MCLA D1 Ranks

  1. Cal Poly (4–0)

This is an easy call for me. The Mustangs may have played in close matchups with an unranked Simon Fraser and then-#11 UC Santa Barbara, but they pulled out wins. The defense is stellar, and no one in this current top 6 has a better quality win except Georgia Tech (over ASU).

2. Colorado (1–0)

3. Grand Canyon (0–0)

4. Georgia Tech (3–0)

5. BYU (2–0)

6. Colorado State (1–0)

All of the teams in 2 through 6 are interchangeable for me. We’ll know a lot more about this tier during the Colorado schools’ AZ trip this weekend — but until then, it’s not really important to me where they are specifically, only that they’re all in this same ballpark.

7. Oregon (2–0)

8. Cal (4–0)

9. Oregon State (5–0)

These are the teams that have stood out the most in the early part of the season, and that warrants a big reward. Oregon took a 2–0 record out of a CA trip against #23 San Diego State and, of course, #1 Chapman. If not for the Panthers’ loss to Utah, the Ducks would have been the story of the weekend.

Then there’s Cal, who’s taken down UCSB in dominant fashion, 13–5, in addition to impressive outings in all three of their other matchups. Oregon State is no different, with neutral site wins against #25 Sonoma State and #10 Arizona, and a whopping 5 wins already in February.

10. Chapman (1–2)

This is the question that was tricky: how far does Chapman fall? If not for the standout performances of Oregon, Cal, and OSU, I don’t necessarily know that the Panthers would be this far back, but they’re being passed by. However, they’ve got a chance to bite right back with games against WCLL teams Cal and Stanford this weekend.

11. Boston College (0–0)

12. Florida State (4–0)

13. Utah (3–0)

The road warriors. Florida State and Utah both pulled off impressive away-from-home wins…but both of those key victories were undermined by their opponents’ continued struggles. FSU’s wins against ASU and Arizona don’t seem as mighty when you consider the AZ schools are a combined 3–5; Utah’s road win against the reigning champs isn’t as remarkable now that Oregon went and did the same thing.

14. UC Santa Barbara (2–2)

15. Arizona State (1–2)

The struggling middle-of-the-pack SLC schools. I don’t think UCSB should be faulted for losing to Cal as much as they should for getting blown out by them. Sun Devils had two big chances for key wins in one-goal games, and lost both by a hair. ASU now enters a stretch of four games (CSU, CU, BYU, VT) that will, for better or worse, define their season.

16. Virginia Tech (2–0)

17. Liberty (1–0)

18. Michigan State (0–0)

19. Minnesota (4–0)

I’m high on Minnesota — in fact, the Gophers are my dark horse pick this season. I think they can contend right out of the gates in the CCLA, and they’ll get a chance to prove that against conference-favorite Michigan State this weekend.

20. Arizona (2–3)

The LaxCats are the big fallers, but I don’t have them exiting the top 20 just yet. Their win over Stanford was the lone saving grace. But they’ll need to right the ship quickly to stay afloat in rankings and in the at-large race.

21. Davenport (1–0)

22. UConn (0–0)

23. Texas (3–0)

Now the front-runners in the LSA after defeating then-#24 SMU by five goals. Longhorns are back, but with a light schedule it’s hard to see them making any kind of a rise unless they peak at the right time — they’ve got April games against Utah and BYU.

24. Stanford (1–2)

25. New Hampshire (0–0)

Keep in mind, please, that I am not a voter in the MCLA Coaches’ Poll, and this poll carries no weight or importance. It’s just what I would submit as a poll, and why, if I were a voter.

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