5 Things We Love About dashDB

First and foremost — what is IBM dashDB? Simply put dashDB is a new data warehousing solution that puts analytics in your control. IBM dashDB can help extend your existing infrastructure into the cloud, or help you start new data warehousing self-service capabilities. At Triangle we have been working extensively with dashDB over the past few months and have really enjoyed the experience but what stands out for us? Here are 5 things we love about dashDB.

dashDB is quick and easy to set up

Setting up dashDB is a quick and easy process. There are a selection of pricing plans available starting with a Free Plan for up to one gigabyte of data. dashDB will also allow for large scale instances with multi-terabyte storage available. As you grow then the environment can grow with you so you can quickly move up to dedicated environments and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) for even faster query speeds.

Built In Performance Enhancements

At the core of dashDB is IBM’s BLU Acceleration technology. This contains 4 built-in optimisation technologies:
1. Dynamic in-memory columnar storage which minimises I/O compared to conventional row-store database.
2. Data compression. However with dashDB No decompression is required thus drastically speeding up the processing of data.
3. Data Skipping. When dealing with big data not all the data is required. Acceleration is design to automatically determine which data will not be required so large quantities of data can be skipped thus saving time and resources.
4. With MPP, performance is increased with adding additional servers. The query and the data is split across servers which again saves time and resources….

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