The ASEAN Institute for Marine Economic Blockchain Research Center was officially established

On December 2, the theme of ‘Marine Silkroad Blockchain’ salon was successfully held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. At salon, the ASEAN Institute for Marine Economic Blockchain Research Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”)was officially established.

The salon is hosted by the ASEAN Institute for Marine Economic Blockchain Research Center and co-sponsored by the Octa Innovation Company, the China-ASEAN Marine Product Exchange and the ASEAN Marine Economic Research Institute.

Dr. Ruan believes that the Center is another important achievement for the Octa Innovation Company, which is of great significance to promoting enterprises and self-independent innovation capability. The both sides are committed to making the Center into a technology research leader with advanced international standards in a way of providing sustainable development for enterprises in marine economy of China and ASEAN countries. It is actively playing a leading role in blockchain in the technology industry, leading the salon as a greater role.

The Center will rely on Trias technical advantages in area of blockchain to launch relevant research work. They will fully make use of the advantages of both sides to promote China-ASEAN marine economy industry development and actively explore blockchain research technology in marine economy, empowering the industrialization of the research results in time.

It is understood that the Center initially upgraded the China-ASEAN platform Seafood Exchange with blockchain technology, and participated in important projects directed by Fujian Provincial Government on the establishment of the ‘One product, One code’ traceability system.

At the same time, the Center will actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes, and international counterparts to guarantee governments and enterprises in its introduction, integration, and innovation to embrace train technical personnel.

In addition, the organization of salons, seminars, field trips and other activities will promote the exchange of marine fisheries enterprises and institutions, enabling key information systems and core business data on the chain.

Fujian ASEAN Marine Economic Research Institute

Fujian ASEAN Marine Economic Research Institute, founded by China-ASEAN Seafood Exchange and Fuzhou University, is now its supporting research think tank. The main members of the organization are experts and scholars from marine economic and scientific research, universities, enterprises and institutions, and social organizations. The aim is to promote the economic, cultural and historical exchanges between China and ASEAN countries at a higher level, and to realize the industrialization, standardization, systematization and diversification of the marine economy of China and ASEAN countries, enriching the national policy, such as ‘Belt and Road’ ‘Maritime Silk Road’, and the implementation of the national marine strategy connotation.

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