Trias Project Weekly (Jul 15 — Jul21)

Jul 22 · 2 min read

In order to make you have an easy understanding about Trias in a comprehensive manner, we will publish project weekly report. The Trias project weekly report includes product development progress, market operations, etc. Please stay tuned.

The following is the weekly report of Trias last week (Jul 15, 2019 — Jul 21, 2019):

I. Project Progress

(Note: For the github link below, only users who have verifier permissions can access to part of the contents in it. Welcome to apply for Trias verifier program)

1. Development Progress

(1) Trias staking achieved financing and locked position:

(2) Added Blockchain verification information mode of Trias-odoo:

(3) Modified the abci-related interface of utxo, added relevant interactive interface, and modified app hash computing logic:

(4) Optimized the CI process of DAG BUILD, solved the corresponding required project, and built the corresponding reference basis:

(5) Debugged the bug of Trias-Fabric, and added and removed app check logic:

(6) Added the e-commerce function for Trias-odoo, and competed the V1 version:

(7) For V1 version of stacking testing interface, added the public search input box components:

(8) For V1 version of stacking testing interface, realized public components of the on-sale pool list:

(9) Added transaction inputs for concealed amount achieved by zero-knowledge proof, realizing transaction amount at a higher privacy degree:

2. Technical White Paper:

(1) Added contrast to Libra in BFT algorithm optimization;

II. Marketing Progress(Activity forecast for next week)

1. NETSTAR Joint-stock Company will hold the study meeting of Cloud Native and Blockchain technology on July 22, and Wei Ming, CTO of the Next Generation Blockchain project Trias, will be invited to the meeting and give a speech. Wei Ming will introduce the application of inventive technology and Blockchain technology of Trias in the cloud market, and explore the road of cooperation between Trias and Japanese enterprises.

2. Trias WeChat group will start the activity of “Looking for Die-hard Fans” on July 22 to 26. New upgrade for Trias community, so many wonderful activities, and keep going for community benefits!

3. Trias is about to start the AMA activity on Friday, July 26 this week, and Professor King from University of Oxford and Jack Lv from Reed College will be invited to resolve the staking and economic model of Trias.

4. Trias will hold Trias Force academic seminar in Shanghai on July 27.


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