With Pür Love, from Cabo

What do you get when you mix sunny beaches, beauty bloggers, and a (boat) load of free makeup?

Beauty influencer Aspyn Ovard’s expression of gratitude for the Pür team inspired 146K likes on Instagram.

In today’s beauty landscape, fly a squad of bloggers to a luxurious resort, and you’ve got the next level of influencer engagement. Beauty brand Pür, which prides itself as “The Complexion Authority,” did just that, treating 12 diverse, established influencers and their plus-ones to an all-expenses-paid Cabo vacation in January.

Influencer iamkareno’s snapshot from Cabo is heavy on the sunshine and free of product placement.

Pür’s indulgent four-day bash, which involved a dance party on a boat, dinner on the beach, and an abundance of makeup swag, generated a striking return in social media exposure for the growing brand. The pampered, sun-soaked influencers, including Aspyn Ovard (1.4M Instagram followers), andreaschoice (738K followers), and loeybug (247K followers), posted gratitude-infused Instagrams and vlogs sharing their getaway experiences worth a total of $1.7M EMV,* with $1.2M of that amount incorporating the official trip hashtag, #purtakescabo. As a result, Pür saw its January EMV jump to $4.4M EMV; in December 2015, a month before the trip, the brand took in just $2.1M EMV worth of social media buzz. In February, Pür netted $2.6M EMV, suggesting that its January boom in social media exposure seeded a sustained effect among influencers and their followers.

#Purtakescabo gave influencers like foreverflawlyss, saythelees, larlarlee, and andreaschoice to bond within the context of the beauty brand that brought them together.

The influencer guests of #purtakescabo were regaled with free Pür product, local cuisine and culture, and a haven from the winter cold, but the initiative’s most valuable offering is less material and more long-term. During the trip, the influencers — some of whom already knew each other — bonded, strengthening a community of supporters around one common brand. And because executives and employees from Pür joined the vacation as well, influencers felt genuinely welcomed into the Pür family, further solidifying their loyalty to the brand.

Beauty YouTuber Meghan Hughes, who flew to Cabo with her sister and fellow blogger Lindsey Hughes, expressed in her “YouTubers Take Cabo, Day 1” vlog that she “[could] not even get over how great Pür is. Every single person is so nice and so close-knit. [It’s] such a great family.” In her “Day 4” vlog: “There was so much love in the air.” That #purtakescabo was not centered around a specific product or collection made the initiative feel even more authentic, as if it were solely planned to establish a meaningful friendship between the brand and the influencer. Then, by extension, everyday users following their favorite influencers’ real-time updates on #purtakescabo could feel included in this tight-knit circle, too.

Love for the long term: After the trip, influencers continued to post about Pür products, #purtakescabo, and their newly formed friendships.

It’s not, mind you, the first time an influencer getaway of this caliber has been executed. Tarte Cosmetics threw a luxurious Turks and Caicos influencer vacation in November 2015, where each influencer invitee received the entire line of Tarte products. In January, it hosted a trip to Hawaii to celebrate the launch of its Rainforest of the Sea collection. But if Pür’s beauty-blogger Cabo bash can teach us something beyond the lessons of beauty giant Tarte’s destination getaways, it’s that smaller or younger companies can reap equal, if not greater, return from investing in such a substantial influencer initiative. The brand not only exposes its name and products to new, diverse audiences, but builds a community of grateful influencers and inspired followers who will sustain social media conversation about the brand in the seasons to come.

*Earned Media Value (EMV) is Tribe Dynamics’ prescribed metric quantifying the estimated value of publicity gained through digital earned media and its respective engagement levels. Our holistic approach assigns a specific dollar value to each piece of content, based on the publishing channel’s perceived value of digital word-of-mouth to brands within the industry. EMV serves as a tool for benchmarking across marketing activities and across brands.

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