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It’s free and there is no service fee! That’s a pretty good start.🥳

Tribu was launched to create connected communities and revolutionise the sharing experience. ☺️

We started our journey with a functional website in October 2019, it was a very long journey to get here! The feedback we’ve received from our Borrowers and Owners is that sharing needs to be more accessible.

Since our launch, we have reached 100 sharing transactions, it’s a good start but we believe our impact can be maximised in New Zealand.

We wanted to remove barriers for our users so we share more and…

Tribu wants to extend the life of things while keeping them away from the landfill.

You can create a ‘Give Away’ listing on Tribu to give your things a new lease of life.

We have put together a few tips to create an awesome ‘Giveaway Listing’ to help you reduce that clutter at home.

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You can create a ‘Sharing’ Listing as an individual, community group or an organisation/business.

We started off with the Online Sharing Listing option, which was suitable for a few but left a huge void to truly accelerate sharing of things within communities.

We have learned and listened and are now offering Two Options of Sharing Listings going forward.

An Online Classified Listing (Free, No Service Fee) 🥳

You can list your item on Tribu, Borrowers see your listing on Tribu and transaction takes place outside of Tribu.

For individuals and community groups, this is a great option to list things…

Companies that pioneered the so-called sharing economy, have set a benchmark. In my view, a fairly-low one to be honest. In layman terms these companies allow ordinary people like you and me to connect to share a ride, rent a pad or household stuff, task to be done by a friendly local, to earn and save some money.

We need this in New Zealand. With the high cost of living, it is paramount to look at new ways to have a side ‘hustle’. Technology plays a key role in enabling this.

I’ve always been skeptical of the sharing economy, where…

Tribu — Living Sustainably

A peer to peer platform to lend, rent and give.

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