Want to declutter? Create a ‘Giveaway’ Listing 💚

Tribu wants to extend the life of things while keeping them away from the landfill.

You can create a ‘Give Away’ listing on Tribu to give your things a new lease of life.

We have put together a few tips to create an awesome ‘Giveaway Listing’ to help you reduce that clutter at home.

Creating a Giveaway Listing

Item Name

When choosing an Item Name, try to choose something that will match what potential Receiver might search for.

Item Description

Describe the specifications and usage of your item as accurately as possible. Provide your preferred contact details and the Reciever can get in touch with you to arrange pick up.

Select a Category

Select a relevant category for the item. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then email your request to info@tribu.nz and we can get this added.


Select your closest location, this should be the same as your location in your Dashboard Settings.

Delivery Options

Select either Pick Up or Delivery, if you can drop it off.


Select either Excellent or Average for the listing.

Tribu Tip: If the item is in near new condition then its Excellent. If the item has been owned for more than one year and is fully functional then its Average.

Condition Summary

Describe the items condition so the Receiver knows what they are getting.

Safety Requirements

Describe any safety requirements for the Receiver.


Be creative and take some awesome snaps of your item.

Giveaway Listing

Planning on decluttering? Create your first Giveaway Listing on Tribu




A peer to peer platform to lend, rent and give.

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Tribu — Living Sustainably

Tribu — Living Sustainably

A peer to peer platform to lend, rent and give.

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