Impact within the sharing economy.

Tribu — Living Sustainably
3 min readAug 27, 2017

Companies that pioneered the so-called sharing economy, have set a benchmark. In my view, a fairly-low one to be honest. In layman terms these companies allow ordinary people like you and me to connect to share a ride, rent a pad or household stuff, task to be done by a friendly local, to earn and save some money.

We need this in New Zealand. With the high cost of living, it is paramount to look at new ways to have a side ‘hustle’. Technology plays a key role in enabling this.

I’ve always been skeptical of the sharing economy, where real sharing is lost in translation. The so called ‘impact driven start-ups’ have never delivered what they set out to. They talk about the big picture, but I am yet to see it.

The sharing economy has been around for a while, but there is a new one in town, the impact economy. Combine the two together, and the unique concept of Tribu was born — check us out, it’s awesome, if we must say so ourselves.

It’s simple, Tribu is a peer to peer marketplace allowing you to lend and rent stuff and give to a good cause.

How does Tribu work?

Become a Tribuer

It’s free to join Tribu. Once you are verified you can access Tribu’s trusted online marketplace.

Lend to earn

Ask yourself one thing, how often do you use your lawnmower, edge trimmer, drill, GoPro, BBQ, digital camera, gaming console, surfboard or your ski gear. Not often enough right?

Imagine if you could list these items for free on a secure platform, enabling you to earn from your underused things. We make this possible with Tribu when we go live!

Rent to save

Do you need to buy that GoPro or the latest digital camera? Ask yourself how often will you use it. Unless you are a professional photographer or photography is your passion, then I doubt you will use it more than a handful of times a year. It would be more economical for you to just rent it for the fraction of the price. Who knows, maybe you will fall in love with it after trying, and will take the plunge and buy it.

Giving is love

We are not just any peer to peer platform. Our ethos is to make an impact. We partner with a not for profit organisation on a quarterly basis to give from our service fee. We do this because they keep our communities clean and green.

Tribu, believes in living sustainably. For us, this means we can transition Tribuer’s towards:

Economic stability — live within your means, make money from your assets, but also save for your future.

Social impact — an alternative from purchasing items on impulse, reducing debt.

Sustainability — make a difference and for manufacturers to think about product stewardship.

Community centricity — encouraging neighbours to interact with each other.

Circular economy — partner with community recycling networks to divert items from ending up in the landfill.

We think this is the 21st century business model, if this resonates with you. Then register your interest on