Ingredients of a great ‘Sharing’ Listing? 🥳

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If you are like me you would want to create your listing once and see the rental requests come through. 👌🏽

The more detail you provide, the less enquiries — it’s really that simple.

Be honest and describe the item as it is, and Tribu being a peer to peer marketplace there is a strong sense of community.

🎯 By listing your things on Tribu you directly make an impact on:

🙌🏽 Giving people an alternative to buying
🛍 Opportunity for people to try before they buy
♻️ Maximising the reuse of your things
🌏 Positive impact to the environment through resource conservation
💚 Social good by giving people an affordable option
🤝 Build relationships with people in your neighbourhood
💰 You make money from your under used asset

The make things easy for you, we have listed a few pointers to help you make an impact and some money 💚

Item Name

When choosing a name, try to choose something that will match what potential borrowers might search for.

Item Description

Describe the specifications and usage of your item as accurately as possible. A good description means less enquiry questions and more rentals. Be honest, clear and concise.

Select a Category

Select a relevant category for the item. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then select the closest category that suits your item.


Select your closest location, this should be the same as your location in your Profile Settings.

Time needed between rentals

We have provided this functionality to give you time in between rentals, so you can clean or service the item if required. Set the duration which suits you.

Set a price for your item

You can set a daily rate and apply percentage discount for weekly rent. What you charge is up to you, but competitive prices often mean a higher overall rental income.

Delivery Options

You can either select Pick Up/Drop Off so the Borrower is responsible for making the Pick Up/Drop Off for the listing. You can also select Delivery Available option, which means you can provide details of delivery cost.

Tribu Tip: You can select both options, and you also get to keep the full amount you make from the delivery option, this is paid in cash by the Borrower.


Select either Excellent or Average for the listing.

Tribu Tip: If the item is in near new condition then its Excellent. If the item has been owned for more than one year or has minor wear and tear, but is fully functional then its Average.

Condition Summary

This section forms part of the Pre-Inspection, so be honest when you describe the condition of the item. Mention any scratches, blemishes or imperfections and the functionality of your listing.

Tribu Tip: Be transparent and honest. These details need to be reflected when you upload images so the Borrower has a clear indication of the condition.

Safety Requirements

This section allows you as the Owner to mention any safety requirements the Borrower needs to be across while operating or using the item.

Tribu Tip: If the Borrower requires safety equipment to use the item, then mention this in this section. Also be clear whether its available as part of the rental or not.


Be creative and take some awesome snaps of your item in action! Take snaps which clearly reflects the condition summary so there are no surprises when it comes to exchanging the item for rental.

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