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Learn More about Online Classified Listings

It’s free and there is no service fee! That’s a pretty good start.🥳

Tribu was launched to create connected communities and revolutionise the sharing experience. ☺️

We started our journey with a functional website in October 2019, it was a very long journey to get here! The feedback we’ve received from our Borrowers and Owners is that sharing needs to be more accessible.

Since our launch, we have reached 100 sharing transactions, it’s a good start but we believe our impact can be maximised in New Zealand.

We wanted to remove barriers for our users so we share more and reduce unnecessary consumption.

With this in mind, we are introducing a free, no service fee option for Owners to list their things on Tribu as an Online Classified Listing.

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Creating a Online Classified Listing

This means a ‘Sharing Listing’ on Tribu but the transaction and payment is made offline, outside of Tribu.

If you are an individual or a community group, you can mention in your Sharing Listing that the Borrower can message you directly or you can add your contact details like an email or your contact number in your Profile so the Borrower can get it touch with you directly.

If you are an organisation and you have your very own website, you can add your website link on the Sharing Listing to generate leads and traffic for free!

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Borrower can access the Messaging function on the listing

The simple answer is no, the idea behind the Online Classified Listing is that you will be able to do the following:

✅ List the item you want to share

✅ Set your daily and weekly rental price

✅ Provide your preferred contact method for an offline transaction

Let’s say a Borrower wants to rent your item, they get in touch with you directly from the instructions you provided. You can then discuss the availability and decide on payment outside of Tribu. We have made the Rental Agreement available for download.

The premium functionalities are only available when the transaction takes place online on Tribu.

There are already Verified Borrowers on Tribu and you can check that on their profile.

What are you waiting for? Create a Free, No Service Fee Listing today!

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Profile showing Verified Borrower status

Due to the Online Classified Listing transaction being offline, you will have to make a judgement and seek your own verification for New Borrowers who haven’t been verified yet.

If you are an individual, this could be as easy as looking at the Borrowers drivers’ license, taking a bond or any other information you’d like before renting your item.

If you are an organisation, you may have your own verification procedures.

We believe the Online Classified Listing option is good if you are either starting off on your sharing journey and want to list items to share in the community or items you want to rent to already Verified Borrowers or Borrowers you know!

If you are an organisation, you may already have a website with a rental booking system and payment gateway. This option will create new leads and traffic to your own website for free!

We have listened and learned from experience that the premium features will continue to be attractive to Owners who want a seamless Online Rental Experience.

Happy Sharing!! 💚

Any feedback, suggestions or partnership opportunities, please direct them to

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